Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodbye, Cancun

Luckily one of my aunts was kind enough to remind me to post this! I completely forgot! I'm blaming the pregnancy! Our last day in Cancun was very sad for me...I actually did not want to leave! We had breakfast and then went back to our room to finish packing. Unfortunately, I got sick, so pretty much Greg did the packing! Here's the picture I took of our room on the last day. Sorry, I didn't get the balloons above the bed in the picture. And I was right about that: we did get some one's left-over honeymoon suite. I know this because on the day that Randy and Shannon got married they came back to discover balloons and rose petals in their room.

I did have a small hang-up that day that kind of still irks me. I wanted to buy a couple post-cards to send to my nieces and nephews. Since I procrastinated, I could only purchase them from the hotel gift shop. They only accepted pesos and I asked how much it would be for four post-cards. They told me the amount and I went to the front desk to have my American money converted. Turns out it would have been $27 to buy four measly post-cards. So I gave up. I figured there must have been some type of communication issue, but I wasn't feeling up to going back to figure it out. Oh well.

The hotel had a van lined up to take us to the airport and we went through everything with no hold up. By this time I was ready for lunch and they happened to have a Domino's pizza restaurant there. That sounded pretty good to me, so I ordered a slice and a drink a piece for Greg and I. It was $17. Now, I'm not sure if that's just crazy airport prices, or if it confirmed that Mexico just really wasn't as cheap as I was expecting.

We finally loaded onto our plane that would take us to Atlanta, GA. Unfortunately, the flight didn't seem as fast this time and I started doing my lovely sounding dry heaves. It wasn't very fun. Then, there was a slight delay in landing in Atlanta due to the weather. Once we finally landed, we were able to make it through customs without a hassle. I wish I could say the same for Randy and Shannon. They were carrying the sand that was used in their sand ceremony during the wedding and apparently the good ole' US of A doesn't appreciate people bringing foreign soil into our country! Finally, about maybe an hour (OK, it may have been less than that but I was so hungry it felt like an hour) later, everything was given the OK and we were free to go. Thankfully we had a four hour lay over, so at least it helped pass the time. From there we all went to TGIFridays to eat dinner. After that, I became real familiar with one of the restrooms...I'm sure you can figure out why. Not fun. We finally all just sat around in the waiting area near our gate and patiently (?) waited for our flight. Now, normally I wouldn't post such an unflattering picture of myself, but I think this really captures how ready Shannon and I were to get back home! (Yes, that is one of my popcorn buckets next to me!)

Eventually, we were able to load the plane and we arrived in OKC without a hitch. I think by the time we finally made it back to Granny's house it was around midnight. That's when I learned that when Greg finished packing he didn't check all of the drawers. So I had no clean underware. Let's just say the icing on the cake was getting to fall asleep in a pair of my husband's boxer briefs!


Nora said...

I laughed out loud over the sand story! They don't let you bring in anything and eventually, you get searched. I've been through it, too and it's no fun. Just be glad you didn't also have immigration, they ask all kind of lovely questions ;-) Kisses!!

mom to 3 boys + 1 princess! said...

Bless your heart....that wore me out just reading it. I laughed out loud about you sleeping in Greg;s boxers because I know had my husband packed for us he would have done the same thing.