Friday, October 16, 2009

Cancun: Day 2

Friday was our second day in Cancun. It began at the best breakfast buffet I've ever been too! They even had a fresh fruit juice bar and I went a little nuts over the fresh pineapple juice. Yummy! While we were enjoying our breakfast, a lot of our friends mentioned how uncomfortable their beds were. Greg and I were shocked. We both slept so good and literally did not want to get out of bed. Our friends thought we were crazy. (Eventually we realized that our bed had a thick pad on top of the mattresses that was not on any of our friends beds.) We also asked them what type of towel creation they had in their rooms, and again, they looked at us like we were crazy. We finally came to the conclusion that our room was some one's honeymoon suite prior to us. That explained the balloons and more than likely the "left-over" towel creation. Not that I'm complaining! In fact, when we arrived back in our room after breakfast, we had an ever cuter towel creation greeting us in our bathroom!

After breakfast most of our group decided to take a stroll over to the mall and the Mexican market which was located not too far from the hotel. What cracked me up during the entire trip was how much everyone complained about the heat and humidity. My husband included. To me, the weather just reminded me of a hot summer day in Oklahoma. And I had plenty of dresses with me so I was actually fairly comfortable. The main purchase I wanted to make in Mexico were some sarongs. I am addicted to those things! I love how I can throw one on over my bathing suit whenever we're going to the lake and I don't have to look like a complete lake bum. I was able to find some really pretty ones at the Mexican market along with a pretty "Mexican" dress. Now, one thing that I was really looking forward too was how "cheap" Mexico was supposed to be. We were able to negotiate the price slightly with the store owner, but I still didn't leave feeling as though I got the bargain of the century. Then, to rain on my parade just a little bit more, once we got back to the hotel I looked at my sarongs and realized they were made in Indonesia. So much for authenticity! The mall held a store that interested Greg. You guessed it: a Harley store! He was pretty happy to have bought a Harley t-shirt that says "Cancun, Mexico" on the back.

Around lunch time we all made our way back to the hotel and helped ourselves to the buffet. Most of the group was pretty tired this day, so Greg and I decided to lounge on the chaise lounges next to the beach. It was so peaceful and relaxing! Then, later that afternoon he and I made a visit to the spa. Our trip included a $25 spa credit per person so Greg was able to get a deep tissue massage while I enjoyed a deep cleansing facial. I can definitely get used to resort life!

After our spa time we went back to the room to get ready for dinner. I thought that our group would be going out to Senior Frogs that night so although I didn't want to put make-up on my freshly cleansed face, I did! We joined everyone in the main buffet room for dinner. Friday also happened to be Randy's birthday. We told our waiter that, and they actually brought him a birthday cake at the end of our meal! I'm tellin' ya; an all-inclusive resort is definitely the way to travel!

Prior to dinner I was marveling at the fact that I hadn't gotten sick during our vacation. Shortly after Randy's birthday cake was presented to him, I realized I needed to use the restroom. I excused myself from the table, went to the public restroom....and then it happened. Mid-pee, I suddenly had to throw up. And I had no choice. I did it in my under ware. I swear, there's never a dull moment in this pregnant girls life! By some small miracle I had the room key with me so I was able to jet straight to my room to change, and went back to the buffet without any of my friends knowing the difference! (Well, unless they read this!)

Needless to say, I was no longer in the mood to experience the Cancun night life after that, so Greg and I opted to watch the show the hotel was putting on that night. It was called "Broadway" and they showed clips from famous Broadway musicals, and then performed a dance to a song from that musical. The dancers were fantastic, and of course, I would have enjoyed it more had my back not been killing me!

Stay tuned for Day 3!


Dee Dee said...

Sorry about the throwing up. Very cool that you had the extra mattress pad. :)

Nora said...

What is it with your back?

HeidiTri's said...

Oh no! I was hoping you'd make it through with no throw up!
Glad you still had fun!

HeidiTri's said...

Oh no! I was hoping you'd make it through with no throw up!
Glad you still had fun!

Felicia said...

Nora, back pains are just a common symptom during pregnancy. From what I've read though most women hurt in their lower back. For me, I mainly hurt around my upper back. Probably because my boobs have doubled in size in less than a month! lol!

PennyCandy said...

Oh Felicia I am so sorry you got sick on the trip. Like Heidi I was hopeful that it had passed.

But man you sure do throw up in style.