Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Its been awhile, but I'm linking up again for Oh, How Pinteresting, Wednesday!  Yay!


I had these when we went to Colorado a few weeks ago (blog on that coming up soon!) and they were sooo yummy that I had to make them myself!  I made a batch on Sunday and yesterday we finished them off!  The hardest part is just un-wrapping all the hugs!  I also made mine with only one m&m because I figured that would make them less fattening.  ;)

We will begin remodeling our hall bathroom soon and I thought this was so cute!  However, my mom AND my husband were not impressed.  I guess their sense of humor is not as awesome as mine.  ;)

I love finding stuff like this on pinterest!  So simple, yet purely genius!  *Note to self:  buy tic-tac's soon!*

This would be such a fun activity for Parker, and then a fun game to play with afterwards!  The fact that it will cost next-to-nothing is a bonus!

I have such an obsession with jewelry made from spoons and forks!  Beautiful!

Source: via Felicia on Pinterest

Until next time, happy pinning!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day Care!

Parker's first day of day care was yesterday.  And no, I didn't break down into a sobbing mess.  I actually didn't worry about him at all!  Mainly because I knew he would have a BLAST!  Parker is such a social butterfly and he loves kids!  The director of the day care was so impressed with how well he did when I picked him up.  She praised how much he talks and repeatedly said how smart he is.  Talk about a proud mommy moment!  She said that he loved the slides and every time they went into a new room, if there was a slide in it, he had to go down it.  This was no surprise to me and I am currently on the hunt to find a cheap used toddler slide on craigslist.  The only thing I was worried about was nap time.  Parker takes excellent naps, but he is always confined to his crib.  At day care the kids sleep on mats, so I didn't know how that would fly.  The director texted Greg last night and said the cutest thing was when Parker saw one of the workers patting one of the childs back, he got up and patted the other childs back.  How sweet is that!

Parker's first art project

In case you're wondering why the director was texting my husband, the answer to that is because they communicate by text fairly often.  Why?  Because this day care just opened it's doors to the public yesterday.  Prior to that, the owners hired Texoma Remodeling, LLC to do their remodel!  This was Greg's first commercial remodel with his business.  Here are some before and afters:


Before:  Reception Area/Front Door
After:  Reception Area/Front Door

Before:  Reception Area

Before:  Reception Area

After:  Reception Area

After:  Reception Area (still needs trim around counter top)

Before:  Media Room
Before:  Media Room and a peek into the Pre-School Room
After:  Media Room (Hard to see, but there is new sheet rock/texture/paint/trim)
After:  Preschool Room
Greg and his helpers did a great job on this remodel!  The owners of the day care are so sweet and relieved that after 5 contractors accepted the job and were no-shows, Greg finally entered the picture.  They had a small chip on their shoulders after having been burned by so many other contractors, but eventually Greg won them over.  I'd say it was a job well done and I know they are already planning on hiring Texoma Remodeling, LLC to add an additional bathroom to the facility.

Friday, February 17, 2012

22 Months Old!

Parker turned 22 months old on Monday!  I've been so busy with work life, that I feel like I've really been slacking in the mommy department.  So, I'll basically post all the pictures I took of him since there aren't that many (bad mommy!)
After finding a stash of swim diapers under his crib, he repeatedly pulls them out and puts them on his head and proudly exclaims, "hat!"

Hard. Core. Playing.

Blueberry Bruises!

A tractor ride from one of our neighbors.  Parker loves him!

It's still too big for him....hopefully it fits next winter!

Dashing out the door with daddy; his favorite thing to do.

Another make-shift hat!

Discovering curly fries....and actually liking them!  (The child does NOT like potatoes.)

Taking his new booster seat for a test drive.

Sheer delight in terrifying our dog, Shady, whom Parker refers to as, "Bella!"

Daddy's Boots!

The main thing that sticks out in my mind about this past month was Parker's new found obsession:  The Carebears.  Oh my word.....his grams bought him a Carebears movie for Christmas and ever since I've put that in, he thinks he has to watch it multiple times per day.  The sad thing is, he will actually watch the whole thing (it's 82 minutes long!)  I'm afraid I may be turning my son into a TV addict.  *sigh*  If he asks for it and I say, "no", which I do A LOT, he has a complete melt down. 

On a more positive note, he is continuing to say new words, and has even begun saying two words together!  Mainly when he is telling someone bye-bye.  As in, "bye-bye daddy" or "bye-bye Bella".  Other words that I can think of that he has learned are:  bear (beh), soup (sou), and.....I know there are probably a ton more but my mind is drawing a blank.  One thing that I've noticed for  awhile now that I've never wrote about is that he pronounces all of his "c's" as a "d".  So, a cat is a dat, and a car is a dar. 

I'm still teaching him animals and what sounds they make.  He now knows that a frog says "ribbit".  I have a book for him that is an alphabet book with animals.  If we flip through the book and ask him to point to a specific animal, he knows the whole book!  Proud parent moment the day we realized that!

He has really got into talking on the phone.  Now if he actually talks to a real person on the phone he will say hello (lo) and bye-bye.  He will often use an every day object and pretend it's  a phone.  It's so cute!

He's learning how to jump!

We love him dearly and he is such a joy to be around!

I am 22 months old!  I weigh 26.6 pounds!
He's very independent and has recently decided he doesn't like "help" when he takes drinks.  I'm always nervous he's going to dump it in his lap!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unexpected Blessings

I've been a little MIA in all things social networking related lately because things in our casa have been CRAZY!!!! 

A few weeks ago we received several answered prayers all within a matter of days.

1.  We sold our truck!  We had passively been trying to sell it on craigslist since August.  There was nothing wrong with it, but it was a diesel and very hard to work on (meaning even an oil change required a trip to the dealership) and since we already had another truck as well...why not sell?  Now that we are both self-employed and have been slowly plowing our way through our savings, this was a nice way to give us a little bit of a financial sigh of relief!

2.  Greg's business is rockin' and rollin'.  Have you ever heard the expression, "from your lips to Gods ears"?  Greg had literally just told me that he wished he had enough jobs lined up to keep him backed up for a month or two.  Within a few days time, he had a handful of different jobs!  To date, he has at least six jobs that I know of waiting for him to tackle.  Again, since we have jumped in head first in having jobs that don't guarantee a bi-weekly paycheck, it is a nice feeling.  Not to mention, he's pretty dang good at what he does!!!

3.  I got a kick-start in my career.  I think I mentioned in one other post that the real estate office I work at is quite small.  In fact, it's just me, my broker, and one other Realtor.  My broker called me at the beginning of January and informed me that the other Realtor was retiring....and that she was giving me all of her listings.  All 60 of them.  No, that wasn't a type-o!  Now, I'm not the type of girl who cries very easily, but this news literally brought me to tears.  I have gone from trying to break into a market where I don't know very many people, to a huge opportunity!  Granted, half of these listings are for individual lots, but the exposure of having my name plastered on signs is incredible!  In fact, I've already gained few new potential buyers.  I'm trying to market these properties better than the other Realtor (not to diss her, I'm just trying to do things differently), so I'm adding each one to websites like facebook, craigslist, and a few others.  It's extremely time consuming and I still haven't made a dent in my list.  I've also been spending a lot of time visiting each property to become familiar with them and am adding more directional arrows towards where the listings are located.  I've even been adding pin-wheels to all of my signs.  I think it makes them stick out and am curious if any other Realtors in the area begin to copy me!  They're metallic, so when the sun catches them they make the signs look like they're blinking!

Because of the reasons listed above, my house seems to be in a total disaster mode, I've already given up hope about not eating out more than 75 times in a year, and poor Parker is so sick of his car seat, I haven't bothered to spend time doing anything to my hair other than throw it up in a bun every morning (yay for spin pins!), but I am so thankful for all these blessings that the Lord has showered us with!

And, just so no one reading this wonders why I'm taking time to blog all of this...well, I hinted about this on facebook a long time ago, so I've been bursting to tell my news about my listings!  Once Parker is asleep I like to have "me" in loosing myself in a TV show, book, or movie.  However, my beloved "Revenge" is on re-run tonight so I decided to blog!!

Now, I can't guarantee that Parker's next "month old" posting will be on don't hold your breath!