Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cancun Day 3: Here Comes The Bride!

Today was "the big day" and our main reason for jetting off to beautiful Cancun. Some of our best friends, Randy and Shannon, were getting married!!! The night before Shannon couldn't get over my make-up and asked me to do hers for the wedding, along with asking if I'd paint her nails. Of course I said, "yes"! So after another wonderful breakfast, I was off to Shannon's room to help her get ready. Also in tow was our friend Courtney, who was doing Shannon's hair, and Shannon's sister Shyla who was steaming Shannon's wedding dress. Once she was dressed, the bride looked beautiful and I have to say I think Courtney and I did as good of a job as any professional beautician/make-up artist! What do you think?

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! They were married on a gazebo type structure that overlooked the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. (During the trip everyone kept referring to it as "the ocean" and I didn't have the heart to burst their bubble!) And thankfully the ceremony didn't last too long because it was hot! Afterwards everyone posed for a few pictures and then the newlywed couple went off to take pictures with the photographer.

Months before the wedding I began trying to convince Shannon to take "trash the dress" pictures. I even sent her emails of links to photographers web sites with examples. Needless to say, I followed the couple and the photographer afterward so I could take some extra pictures for the bride...and I wanted to continue to nag her to take some pictures I knew they would never forget! By this time it was just the couple, the photographer, and me. Sure enough we went to the beach! We took a couple of fun playful pictures of them in the sand and right when the photographer acted like he was finished and asked if there were any other poses they wanted, Shannon looked at me, and I said, "Uh, yeah! Get in the water and get on top of each other! We need some sexy pictures!"

I don't know if it was the sun or the pre-wedding beer Shannon had consumed, but she finally broke down and said, "OK!" That was all it took! Next came all kinds of pictures of them in the water. Since we were on the beach behind the resorts, it's pretty safe to say that this unconventional photo shoot caused quite a stir! Everyone was whistling and clapping...the climax came when the couple walked out onto a big rocky ledge and prepared to take the big plunge into the water. Everyone started counting down, "Three, Two, ONE!" And then they jumped into the water! It was so much fun and I was so disappointed that none of our other friends were there to take in the moment! What surprised me the most was that her make-up still looked perfect when she finally made it back to shore!

After the excitement of the pictures dissipated, I had to book it straight to the buffet. I was starving!!! Afterwards, I found Greg and we decided to see what all of our friends were doing. This is where it gets a little funny. All of our friends are die-hard OU fans. Greg and I are fans, but not to the extent of all of them. As our friends were trickling into the buffet room I started to notice that every single one of them was wearing an OU shirt. I leaned over to Greg and said, "I guess we didn't get the memo". Greg replied, "There didn't need to be a memo. They all know Saturday is game day and this is just their routine." And in true die-hard fan fashion, all of our friends wanted to watch the game. It wasn't playing on any of the channels at the resort, so they all decided to walk around to try to find it. (Sadly, they were unsuccessful!) And, since Greg and I are not die-hard fans, we were the only ones who opted to stay put! By the time we made it back to the room, I was exhausted. Greg found a movie on TV and as we both laid on the bed I said, "Look at us! We're in Cancun and we're in the room watching a movie! If we want to relax, let's at least do it on the beach!" So we did just that! We spent the next hour or so relaxing under a thatch covered umbrella, Greg with the iPod, and myself with a Nicholas Sparks book. *Sigh* If only I could be back at that very spot right now....

That evening the entire wedding group had reservations at the steak house that was on the resort. The meal was pretty good, but since I had gotten a little off of my eating schedule earlier that day, I wasn't exactly feeling very good. And sure enough, right when I had finished my meal, it hit me and I was off walking/running to the restroom. This was the first time I was "super sick" during the trip and it's safe to say I arrived back at the table with an empty stomach. I knew I had to eat or I'd just keep getting sick, and guess what? By the time I got back to the table it was time for desert! Earlier that day the couple did get to cut their wedding cake, but they took it away for everyone to enjoy after dinner. But this wasn't a traditional wedding cake! It was a Mexican wedding cake...kind of like a tres leches desert. I happen to really enjoy tres leches, while some people I know don't. Worked out pretty good for me, I ate my piece, then I ate Billy's piece, then I ate the rest of Greg's! I had also noticed on the steak house's menu that the meal was typically served with Baked Alaska.
I've never had Baked Alaska, but have heard of it and of course was curious. So although it wasn't being offered to our table since we had wedding cake, I asked the waiter if I could have a piece. I didn't realize that Baked Alaska involved quite a show...there was fire going and a huge presentation which everyone enjoyed, and I can officially testify that Baked Alaska is now one of my favorite deserts. It was muy bueno!

After dinner everyone had plans to go to Coco Bongo's which is another famous Cancun night-club. However, Greg and I learned that day that the clubs in Cancun aren't quite like the ones here in the states. They charge a $30-$40 cover charge to get in, which includes all of your drinks for the night. That may have been great for us a year or so ago, but since I don't drink now, and Greg only wanted to stay out for a couple of hours, we couldn't see the point in spending that kind of money. So once again, we opted to view the show that the hotel was putting on! That night the show was Grease, and I don't know if it's just because I wasn't feeling well or that I was a little disappointed that we weren't getting to experience Cancun as much as our friends, but a little half way through the performance I was over it and ready to go to bed. I managed to tough it out though.

Stay tuned....on Day 4 I may do something I never thought I'd do in a million years!


Nora said...

That's funny that you talked them into doing these pictures! They are great! And I will look up Baked Alaska right now as it looks very very yummie!! Kisses from Paris (I so much suck at that language you would not believe it!)

PennyCandy said...

They are great pictures. I can't imagine "trashing" the dress.

Glad it was such a wonderful vacation for you.