Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm pretty sure things like this only happen to me

Do you ever have moments when you say to yourself, "this only happens to me"? Well, I had one of those moments last night.

I was turning out all the lights so I could go to sleep and as I was about to turn off the living room light I saw a big moth on the wall. Since I don't like holes in my clothes, I figured it would be best to kill it. I opened the pantry door to get the fly swatter, and what do I find? A HUGE spider on the floor. I hurried and grabbed the fly swatter and gave the spider several swats (I had to make sure he died!). From there I turned around and went into the living room where I killed the moth. After I disposed of the moth I went back to the pantry to pick the spider up with the fly swatter so I could dispose of it (I wanted to make sure it didn't come back to life. They do that, ya know). Once that was taken care of I cleaned the mess up off the pantry floor with a Clorox wipe. Yes, I wasn't exaggerating when I said it was huge {shudder}.

After that I finally made it to the bedroom. Greg was already in bed, but lucky for me he waited for me to turn off the light. I say lucky because I happened to look on the bed and notice another moth. On my pillow!!! I whacked it a few times with my slipper, then went off to the bathroom to grab some toilet paper so I could pick it up and throw it away.

Once I get back in the bedroom, I reach up to pull the chain to turn off the light (we like to sleep with the ceiling fan on. Don't you?). I kid you not, as I'm reaching up I spotted an itsy bitsy spider (no pun intended) on the ceiling. It was so tiny that most people probably wouldn't have bothered to wait until it moved out of the range of the swirling fan so they could stand on top of their bed to kill it. Not me. I happen to know for a fact that an itsy bitsy spider turns in to a HUGE spider in a matter of two weeks tops and that it WILL crawl all over me while I'm sleeping and then my son will find it when it's crawling around on the floor and he'll promptly pick it up and eat it. The itsy bitsy spider had to be dealt with right then and there.

After tossing the wad of toilet paper with the now-dead itsy bitsy spider, I went back into the bedroom and thought...OK, at this rate, I may as well inspect all the walls to make sure there aren't any more unwanted pests in my room. Low and behold, I look above my closet door and what do I see? A daddy long legs! Before I could stop myself I blurted out, "You've gotta be kidding me!" I went back to the pantry and retrieved the fly swatter and got rid of what some people consider a "good luck omen".

On second thought, maybe the daddy long legs did bring me good luck because I didn't find any more bugs in my bedroom after that.

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Kendra said...

That is hysterical and definitely sounds like something that would happen to me too, while my husband was cracking up laughing at me. Glad you got the bugs!