Thursday, October 13, 2011

17 Months Old

Because I've been so busy lately (view the post below if you don't believe me), I never had a chance to blog about Parker's 16th month! Greg was off work for several weeks during that month, so we were knee deep in remodeling our lake house. Parker proved to be quite the little helper.

However, when he wasn't "helping" he was being entertained by various family members who volunteered to watch him so we could focus on remodeling. (Thank you!) Which, was great for more than one reason because he was able to spend quality time with relatives that he hadn't seen in a long time!

Remodeling wouldn't have been complete without several trips to Home Depot. Luckily the trips were a little more entertaining for Parker because of these fun carts.

Another fun outing was when I took him to the pet store (AKA the free zoo). He was fascinated by all the animals and loved watching the busy mice.

He enjoyed his first popsicle! I should have taken a hint from Braxton's dad and taken his shirt off. Let's just say I'll do that next time!

Parker has really grown to love books. Here he is with his favorite person, doing one of his favorite activities.

Parker began saying the word "Boo!" this month. And he gets very disappointed if you don't act scared or surprised when he says it, too! There were a few other words he began saying as well, but I can't remember which ones they were. He also began signing the words "again" and "love" (although I don't think he has a clue what love means, he just thinks it's fun to cross his arms over his chest.)

He had three new teeth come in!!! The last of his bottom four front teeth and one upper molar on both sides.

I noticed that he began following simple instructions and would be surprised when he knew what I meant when I would say things. For instance, "Let's take a bath" would send him running to the bathroom. Other simple commands he follows are: "Give that to mommy/daddy" and "Pick ____ up". He's such a smart boy!

I am 17 months old! I am 31" long and weigh 23 pounds.

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Kendra said...

such cute pictures! The first one of Parker with Daddy is super sweet as well as the one with books!