Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels!

As most of my fellow readers know, last year I began dieting with two goals in mind. Either to reach a certain weight or to be able to fit back into a certain pair of jeans I own. Well, today for the heck of it, I decided to try on those jeans. Greg was watching me from our bed as I pulled them out of the closet. As soon as I pulled them over my hips, his eyes got big and he said, "Whoa! They went past your ass!" Last time I tried to put them on they wouldn't even go that far!! The final kicker was to see if I could get them buttoned. And....I could!!! I'm not sure who is more excited! Me or Greg! Did I mention they were his favorite jeans?

You may be wondering how a woman who just had a baby four months ago is able to fit back into jeans that she was dieting to get into prior to conception. Well, let me just tell you how I did it!

1. I'm breastfeeding.

2. As crazy as this sounds, I swear while I was pregnant my stomach shrank. I was so sick during my pregnancy that keeping food down was impossible. Therefore, I didn't eat as big of portions since I knew I'd be throwing it right up. Basically, life pre-baby I could eat as much as Greg. I'm not kidding. Life post baby, I honestly just can't eat that much!

3. I take Parker out for a walk at least five days a week!

4. We are no longer traveling and I no longer live in a fifth wheel. Living in such a confined space was just not healthy for Greg or myself. It's amazing how much of a workout living in a normal house provides a person! I'm constantly going up and down stairs and just staying busy in general trying to keep a semi-tidy house!

To celebrate, I think I'm going to buy a new pair of jeans!


Dana said...

You look awesome, congratulations! I like the baby-diet, maybe I should try it, too ;-)

HeidiTri's said...

You look fantastic! I'm very impressed!

Sheila said...

I'm so happy for you!!! I have pics of me in great jeans and a sexy top too. James was right at 4 months too. : )
Now th ekey is to keep to the small meals. I think I put on weight while home. LOL

Kendra said...

Congrats!! You are a HOT mama!!

Felicia said...

Thanks ladies!

4ortega4 said...

Way to go girl!!!!