Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is hard stuff

Some of you may recall me writing a few months ago about my work-out plan. Well, I'm sad to report that I have fallen off the bandwagon. About November I got so discouraged because I wasn't seeing any changes in my body that I made excuses to not go to the gym, I quit going to yoga, and was easily persuaded to not attend Nia classes. But, with a new year comes new beginnings, so I told myself that when we came back to Lamar after our Christmas vacation that I would join Curves.

What I hadn't planned on doing was joining Weight Watchers. But, I happened to see a commercial about a free week trial on TV, and coincidentally, the next day my friend Krissy blogged about how she was going to start on WW. So, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and make a go for it. Last Wednesday was my first day on WW, and let me tell ya, it was majorly hard! For those who are not familiar with WW, they use a point system. The way it works is I type in the computer (because I'm doing the online version) what my age, height, and weight is, and what my goal weight is. Then they base a daily amount of points for each person. My daily point level is 20. They also have flex points. I have 35 flex points each week and I can use those all in one day or spread them out. Another cool thing that WW offers is activity points. I enter in my activity, be it walking on the treadmill or vacuuming for twenty minutes (not like that applies to me anymore), and the system calculates how many points you have earned. Once you use your flex points for the week, it begins subtracting your activity points.

Now that you know the process, let me just tell you; my first week was extremely hard. My first day alone I ate 39 points. Wow! And for the first three days I literally went to bed feeling like I was hungry. My initial reaction was that I hated WW and that I just wanted to EAT!!! That was when I realized that that is exactly what my problem is. I kid you not, I can eat pretty much the same amount of food as my husband. Not good. What is ironic is that before I got married, I would literally have people ask me if I have eaten anything recently, or if I wanted some extra food. I used to be that skinny. Also, people always warned me that one day my metabolism would catch up to me. They were right.

Yesterday was my last day of my week. And really, by the last few days, I didn't feel like I was going to bed hungry. And surprisingly I didn't even eat into my activity points (which came from going to the gym and walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes). Believe me, I was pretty stoked to "weigh in" this morning and see that I had lost 4 pounds!!!! My ideal goal from the beginning is to loose 25 pounds. I'm so excited that it looks like I am well on my way to achieving that goal!

Today I finally signed up for Curves. I love that you get a complete work out in in thirty minutes! And next week my yoga classes start up again! I honestly can't wait! Visions of being able to fit into my favorite Lucky jeans again, as well as a sexy new bikini, are really helping me trudge along!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll try to keep everyone posted on my success!


HeidiTri's said...

Go Flea!!
You're already doing great!!

Jessica Talbott said...

That is awesome. I need to do something also. I thought about Curves since there is one here in Harrah. Yay for you!

Sheila said...

I could have loaned you James for a few month!! : ) You would loose a few chasing him around.
So glad you are seeing results so soon and I can't wait to see your new bod come spring!

mom to 3 boys! said...

Way to go girl!!! Congrats on 4lbs so far, you are certainly on your way!!
YAY for new beginnings for you too!! =D

Doohickie said...

Stick with it, Flea. You can do it. The worst part of any diet is the first week or two. Get past that initial stage and you're good to go.

We have some friends that did WW and they lost a lot of weight!

Nora said...

Love that story! I will check it out, too! Four pounds in a week sounds excellent... Do you also feel better? Congrats!!!

Felicia said...

Thanks for the support everyone! And Jess, I completely forgot that they opened a Curves in Harrah! I would join this month b/c they are doing a special: half off the initial fee (so it ends up being $74) plus your first month free! Let me know if you join and how you like it!

KrissyBo. said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY! So proud of you girl! :) I'm going to have a good WW post tomorrow...and it's probably going to be a long one...but I didn't want you to think I wasn't going to address some of your questions! :) Anyway, you're on the right track for sure, keep up the great work! :) I am feeling soooo much better right now. :)

PennyCandy said...

Good for you. Sheila is right just chase a child between the ages of 2 and 5 around all day and you won't need to go to Curves. Actually you might just you could have some adult time.

The Mrs said...

Great job! Isn't it so great to be full and still have points left! You will get it soon and hopefully love it. Also check out a meeting every once and a while, they really make a big difference.
Keep posting about it, it really helps motivate and keep you on track.
Glad to have you following my blog!

Anonymous said...

Comgrats on losing 4 lbs. here is a link to a blog that they have i should do it and that is another story. lol. My sister does it and has lost 25lbs so far. Crazy! I laughed when I saw that you ate 39 points on your first day. It is an adjustment that is for sure. Good luck and keep us posted.


HeidiTri's said...

So...How's it going?

Felicia said...

Well, my weigh in day is not until tomorrow. But we went skiing this weekend and I found it was a lot harder to eat out. I "tried" to pick healthy choices but I have already ate up my flex points for the week and I feel like my tummy looks jiggly again. Hey, you asked!

HeidiTri's said...

So, how was curves? and Yoga?
I borrowed a "Yoga for Kids" video from teh library that Kenz and Jack have been doing together. They love it!