Friday, August 13, 2010

4 months old!

My sweet little boy is 4 months old today! I cannot believe how fast time is flying. In case you don't remember, one of my 2010 goals is to get my pictures all organized and labeled. I can't say that I've accomplished this goal (yet), but I have been pretty good about printing all the pictures since Parker has been born! Yesterday I finally took the time to finish labeling all of the pictures I had of Parker and I put them in a cute newborn album his Aunt Jennifer sent him. Looking back at the pictures I took just a few months ago was amazing! I cannot believe how much he has changed in such a short amount of time. I thought he was an adorable, cute, handsome baby when he was born, but now I think he's even cuter!!! I seriously think he could be the next Gerber baby! (Then again, I'm sure every mom thinks that about her infant!)

As usual, Parker had a busy third month of life! He met his Aunt Sheila, Uncle Andy, and cousins James and Magdalene. He sat in his high chair for the first time, which we have discovered he loves! I now place him in it every night so he can "eat dinner" with us! He is lasting longer in his Bumbo chair! He does awesome at holding his head up and everyone tells us so!! He began laughing! And, he is trying VERY HARD to roll over. Also, his hair is continuing to grow! No matter what I do it sticks up on the side and half the time it's sticking up on the top too! I'm beginning to wonder if 4 months is going to be the month I'll start breaking out hair products on him! (Maybe I'll ask the doctor if that's OK first. I'm sure he'll think I'm crazy!) I can't give a height and weight update because his 4 month appointment is on Monday. Believe me that drives me crazy because I've had him weighed and measured the 13th of every month since he's been born. I'm trying to tell the control freak in me that a few extra days are not that bad and I can be patient. However, I can tell he's already growing out of his size 2 diapers! This past month he began taking naps in his crib. I made the mistake of constantly putting him in his swing after I nursed him and that seemed to be where he napped the best. I figured I needed to nip this in the bud, so to speak, so it's been a constant challenge these past few weeks for me to find a way to get him to like his crib. I started putting him in the crib when he was asleep, only for him to wake up 5 minutes later screaming his head off. I finally figured out the trick! I have to swaddle him like he's going to sleep (go figure), I have to play a lullabye that continuously plays, and I have to ROCK HIM while he is still wide awake. I put that in caps because I felt like such a dork afterwards! Of course a baby would want to be rocked to sleep! DUH!

So there you have it! I'm excited to see what his fourth month has in store! In the meantime, enjoy these pictures!

I'm officially 4 months old!

***check back for more pics. blogger is being stupid.***


Kendra said...

he is so stinkin' cute! I love all his hair and his eyes are gorgeous! Oh and tell me about well-checks not on the exact date, Gracelyn turned 9 months on JULY 16, her well baby check is AUGUST 20 due to the doc being out! I am going CRAZY!

LaKeta said...

Oh my goodness...He is GORGEOUS!!!! Love the dark hair and those beautiful eyes!!!! He is getting big, but I love the stages 4-8 fun! The laughing, exploring toes, and little sweet! Kiss his little cheeks for me!!!