Friday, August 7, 2009

Have Passport, Will Travel

Greg and I got our passports in the mail on Monday!!! I am so excited! Most of you know that this is one of my 2009 goals. And while we had full intentions of applying for our passports this year, nothing quite lit the fire under our rears than when our good friends Randy and Shannon said they were going to Cancun for a destination wedding, and we were invited!! What better way to kick off the freedom and endless possibilities that come with having a passport than to go to an all inclusive tropical resort with seven other couples? Unfortunately, I still have 68 days to wait until we leave!

Since I'm mentioning my goals, it's only fair to tell everyone how far I've come with those goals!

* Harry Potter. I finally finished the 6th Harry Potter book just in time to watch it on the big screen (which I had never done before)! And with my birthday right around the corner, I'm hoping someone will buy me the 7th book in hardback! *hint, hint*

* Sophie Kinsella. As you know, I had read all of Sophie Kinsella's books, but busy author that she is, her latest book recently became available a few days ago. But have no fear! I ordered it from the library and am reading it right now!

* Saving Money. Unfortunately, I got back into my same way of thinking when it comes to saving money. There were weeks when literally we couldn't set aside a hundred bucks or so and I forgot that $25 a week can really add up by the end of the year. I've re-focused now I'm back on track!

* My book. Ugh. Well, shortly after I wrote the first five pages, I was blog surfing, and somehow stumbled upon a post titled "Top 10 Signs That You're Addicted to Blogging". One of the reasons was that one suddenly thinks he or she can write a book. That totally discouraged me. Especially when I read all the comments from fellow bloggers who all thought the same thing. Luckily, I have a great friend who is getting her masters in library science. She reads all the time, especially for her classes and she said that she would edit the book for me whenever I get it written. I really need to focus on the fact that I have people rooting for me, but sometimes it's not that easy.....

* Cleaning. Well....let's just say that some weeks I "forget" to dust. Other than that, I've stayed on top of it!

* Pay off Gordons Account. You can mark that one off the list! Now I'm focusing on sending additional principal payments to the Harley! Everyone should do this on their debt....even $10 makes a difference!

* Pictures. I am slowly making progress on this. In fact, earlier this week I went though my computer and have the remaining pictures that need to be printed all in one folder! Once those are ordered and shipped back to me, I can begin placing them in albums!!!

* Losing 25 lbs. Well, let's just say I love food! I'm still doing WW. If you can call it that. I think I've only stayed within my points 2 weeks. Ugh. Summer kind of got me down. I figured once I was already in a bikini, as long as I was maintaining or loosing I shouldn't complain. I'm still trying to stay active though and I try to eat healthy, but sometimes the popcorn at the movie theatre just calls my name!

Stay Tuned! The year isn't over yet!!


PennyCandy said...

You are so good about posting your goals out there and then updating. I'm not that brave yet.

Good job and just keep pluggin' cause some days that is all you can do.

MarkD60 said...

Congrats on getting your Passport! Now you need to travel and get it all stamped up!
I am trying to get my second third right now!

HeidiTri's said...

Yay! A passport! I love HP! I don't care that they are kids books. When I was driving to Long Island for work, I listened to them on tape.
Great job on paying off the CC.

Nora said...

Cool, now that you have a passport, you can come and see me! :-)
What do you want for your birthday? I won't send the new Harry Potter book ;-)

Jillian said...


I'm a fellow writer, like yourself! I don't blog but I did have an idea one day to write a book (whatever, no biggie, right?).

Miraculously, I managed to finish it (it takes determination but it can be done!). All the odds were against me but, in the end, I actually got it published!

So, don't get discouraged because if it's something you love to do, you can do it!

If you like Sophie Kinsella books, you might just like mine : ) It's called 'Knickles and Dimes' and has funny characters and a fun, light-hearted story (at least, I like to think so!)

Anyway, stick with it! Looking forward to reading it when it's published : D

Jillian Hewitt

Felicia said...

B- It's not like my goals are too personal! ;) Thanks, though!
H-I used to listen to books on tape whenever I would drive to visit Greg in TX! So fun!
N-You don't have to buy me a birthday present!!! But if you're just dying too....surprise me!
J-I'm going to request your book from the library asap!