Monday, August 17, 2009

What's That Smell?

It's me! And I smell GREAT!

OK, sorry for that brief moment of vanity, but let me explain! My husband bought me perfume for my birthday! I know what you're thinking: big deal. But to me, it honestly is. I know I've mentioned before that I'm a tight-wad. And I know some of you are thinking, "yeah right". To prove it, let me share my perfume saga with you.

Growing up, I didn't have an allowance. Therefore, my parents only bought me what I "needed". I grew up wearing your typical cheap body sprays or perfumes from Avon. Don't get me wrong, I love Sweet Honesty, but I was always so jealous when the girls at school were walking by me with scents of the newest "it", trendy perfume trailing behind them.

Then, when I got older and began working and making my own money, I never had extra money laying around to treat myself to designer perfume. Bath and Body Works was as good as I ever smelt! And again, don't get me wrong, I love some of their scents, but I never had the pretty bottle on my vanity like most of my female friends do.

During and after college I began working at a retail store called Harolds (sadly they went Bankrupt a year ago) and I feel in love with a perfume that one of my co-workers wore. It was the original Burberry perfume. And I was in love with it! Apparently I raved about the scent so much that when I quit my job at Harolds to begin my career in real estate, my co-workers all chipped in and bought me a gift set of Burberry. It was my first real designer perfume and I not only loved it, I was so proud to wear it. The one downfall: my husband hated it.

Once my precious Burberry was depleted, I was back to square one with my trusty Bath and Body Works body sprays. Then, on Valentines Day four years ago, Greg bought me two trial size bottles of perfume. And since they were so little, I used them sparingly. In fact, I still have half of one left!

At the beginning of the year Greg began complaining about my body sprays saying he thought they just smelt cheap and like rubbing alcohol! Well, me being me, I couldn't just throw them away, so I made him a deal. We would shop around and find a perfume that we both liked and he could buy it for me for my birthday. That way I would have time to use up the rest of my stash!

I'm probably the only person in the world who can turn perfume shopping into an art form. In March we spent almost a good hour in Dillards smelling and spraying perfume on me that we both agreed on. By the time I left I had a head ache and couldn't remember which perfume I had sprayed where. Luckily I had a list of the ten (yes, ten) perfumes that we both liked. From that point on, every time I went near a store that happened to have one of the perfumes I liked I would spray myself with it so I could see how well I liked that particular perfume after wearing it all day.

In the end, I narrowed my list down to four perfumes that I loved and that Greg approved of. I gave him my list a few weeks ago and told him to pick one for my birthday and surprise me! Well, he did even better! He bought two!!! So, here are my two new scents!

The lovely Burberry Summer and Calvin Klein Euphoria Spring Temptation! Sadly, they are both limited edition perfumes. But, I'm sure they will last me for awhile! And, if I run out, I have a feeling my other two faves will still be around. They are: Burberry The Beat (apparently I'm a Burberry girl) and Dior Miss Dior Cherie. The next time you are near a perfume counter, please take time to smell any or all of these tantalizing perfumes. I promise, you won't be disappointed!


PennyCandy said...

Okay this is how good you are...I don't wear perfume and don't really like it because of my make me want to go out and buy perfume or at the very least take the time to try some.

Felicia said...

what a great compliment! Thank you! and if it bothers your asthema, just "try some on" for a day! I feel so womanly when I wear it!! Sad, but true! ;)

mom to 3 boys! said...

Oh how I love reading your blog! You can ALWAYS make me smile!! Thank you for that. I am so happy that you have perfume now!! Sadly, I am in a similar situation, using Bath and Body Works spray, because I never think of perfume when my husband asks what I need. I need to start smelling and making a list of my own.

Nora said...

*haha* I remember finding it very strange that your mom would not let you use make-up and stuff during highschool. I am glad you can by now! :-) And I will check out the perfumes for sure! I bet they are awesome! :-)

HeidiTri's said...

Good for you! Every one deserves to be indulged sometimes!
I haven't bought perfume in a few years...I should go try some.

Talbott Photography said...

Perfume is a definite weakness of mine. I always fall in love with the Special Edition scents...but I have found you can find them at some shops still. I am an Escada girl...I have about 10 different Escada's. I only wear them when I go out though...and we know that isn't very often! Enjoy your perfume!

Mens womens perfume said...

Your blog is so well expressed that even in my busy schedule i was forced to take a halt and read through your lines. Thanks for this great blog.

LaKeta said...

I love your posts... Sometime you need to smell Ralph Lauren's Pure Turquoise...It is my all time fave...and I too can make a bottle LAST foreva!!!!