Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're Elks!

Last night my hubby got initiated into B.P.O.E. aka The Elks! I'm pretty excited about this because The Elks have private club rooms in all of their lounges that are for members only. So it's a neat place to go and hang out and have a couple of drinks that aren't as expensive as they are at a bar. We mainly joined for that reason, along with the perk of cheap dinners at least once a week. And of course, since we travel, it will be neat to get to visit other Elks Lodges and meet new people. One thing that we have noticed is that most Elks Lodges have RV hook ups, so if we are ever traveling through we can set up camp at a lodge for the evening and just give that lodge a donation. Sounds like a great deal to me!

It wouldn't be right if I didn't also mention that The Elks has a long history of helping to make their communities a better place. For instance, I've learned that The Elks gives out almost as much money in scholarships as the federal government does each year. I thought that was pretty cool! They also do various events in the community, such as drug awareness, volunteering, etc. Needless to say, we're pretty proud to say that we belong to this great organization and look forward to spending time at various lodges throughout the next few years!


mike jones said...

Welcome to the Elks!

On your travels, I hope when you are in NC, you will come visit us

Also, is the place to see alot of our amazing history

Good luck and God Bless you and your family

Mike Jones, PER
Salisbury 699

KrissyBo. said...

How cool! Kyle is an Elk too! :) He became a member the year we got married all through college...he's planning to "re-join" (pay dues) in March or April when it comes time for renewal. :) I can't wait to take Jakey to the pool there this summer!! Next time you're down, we just might have to go out... :)

Nora said...

I can't look at the link but it sounds pretty exciting! Wow!So you're an exclusive member now, that's posh :-)

Felicia said...

Oh good idea, Krissy! I love the Ada Elks Lodge!

Brad said...

My dad was a member of the Elks, and I have no idea if this story is true or if he was just messing with us, but several years ago he told mom that if you needed to be excused from a meeting (or otherwise wanted to be recognized) you had to put your hands to your head like antlers (rather than raising your hand). One time he came home from the Elks and when he walked in the door, I put my hands up like antlers, wiggled my fingers and said "I'm a little Elk!" I think he was mad at mom for telling me the story, but he thought it was funny. You'll have to tell me if it's true!

Mike said...

Yep, from this site -

The hailing sign is made by bringing the hands in one circular movement to a position over the head, palms to the front. It denotes the spreading antlers of an elk. It should be given only in front of
the altar in the lodge room, while the lodge is in session or when ordered by the Exalted Ruler.

Felicia said...

Brad, I didn't have a chance to ask him, but apparently there's your answer! lol!