Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Letter Game

Okay, here's a fun game you should play...
If you want to play, leave a comment on this post letting me know, and I'll assign you a letter. You post ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on. My private blogger friend Krissy assigned me the letter T.

1. Tea. I never used to be much of a tea drinker until recent years. And even then, it was SWEET tea! Yes, I am a southern girl! But, I think that's also what helped me start packin' on the pounds! So as of recently I've come to appreciate just plain 'ole regular tea. The fact that it's 0 WW points helps!

2. Tax Returns. The very first year I filed taxes I actually owed because I worked for a crazy lady who didn't hold out taxes. How was I supposed to know? And it killed me to have to write checks out of my almost non-existent checking account to go to who knows where!

3. The All American Rejects. I absolutely LOVE this Oklahoma born and bred alternative band! And who knew they would become so famous. At least once a month I kick myself because this is the conversation that Greg and I had a few years ago:
Greg: "What are we going to do tonight?"
Me: "Well, AAR is playing at the Bricktown Brewery. We could go to that."
Greg: "How much are tickets?"
Me: "Ten dollars a piece."
Greg: "Hmmm....I don't really feel like spending twenty dollars tonight. Do you
want to rent a movie instead?"
Me: "OK. Maybe we can go next time."
Ummmmm.....yeah right. Then they made it big. *kicking myself yet again*

4. Titanic. When I was little I was fascinated with the story about this huge ship. I had a book about it and I loved reading it. Then when the movie came out I was in hog heaven. I already was a Leo DiCaprio fan, but this particular movie also lead to my current love for Kate Winslet. I can literally watch it everyday and not get bored by the storyline.

5. Theatre. Put me in one and I'm a happy camper. I don't care if it's a movie theatre so I can watch a movie, or if it's an actual theatre where performances take place. I am a HUGE supporter of the performance arts!

6. Thursdays. Remember those goals I made for myself? Well, Thursday has become my "deep cleaning day". So I usually clean in the A.M. and then I don't feel so bad about watching TV/reading/playing online for the rest of the day! Plus, lately the hubs has had Friday's off, so it's the start of a long weekend!

7. Thermals. Yup, I'll admit it! I love to wear thermal underwear if I know it's going to be cold outside. I know. Sexy. But it beats being cold

8. Talbott Photography and Tina Lanae Photography. Both are friends of mine, so I'm just spreadin' the love!

9. Tiffany & Co. I'm currently trying to convince the hubby that my next designer purchase has to be this cute bracelet from Tiffany's! I know so many gals who wear the necklace, so I wanted to at least be a little different....

10. Tide detergent. Can you tell I'm having a hard time coming up with ten "T" items? Seriously though, this is the laundry detergent that my clothes have been washed with since I was little, and luckily it was the same detergent that Greg used and is not allergic too!


KrissyBo. said...

Love your answers!! :) I too love Titanic! The ECU Theatre is putting on Cinderella this week...I'm sure it will be great. :) Ahh, Tiffany & Co. :) And Tide is all we use!! It's the best...and my momma has always used it, so she got me hooked. :)

mom to 3 boys! said...

I enjoyed reading your answers!! Your cheery posts always put me in a good mood!! Go ahead and assign me a letter and I will try my hand at it! =D

Nora said...

Haha, love it, but I don't know if I came up with so much. Imagine you assigned me the letter Y or so... Crazy. Can I play without having a blog?

HeidiTri's said...

Cool List. Ok- I'll play. What's my letter?

Felicia said...

Is the new ECU theatre open yet? That thing looks like it's going to be awesome! Why couldn't they have done Cinderella when I was there???

Nora, maybe you should just start blogging! ;) But, you can email me your answers! Try "R"!

PennyCandy said...

Okay as long as I don't get Q, Z or X I'll play otherwise I'll take my marbles and go home:)

Jessica T said...

Thanks for mentioning Talbott Photography. I am allergic to I use Gain.

Maybe next time you guys are in town, we can get together.

Brad said...

Sure, sign me up. I also use Tide (since Tide seems to be a common theme to the posts) but have to use Tide Free because my skin is somewhat sensitive. Contrary to popular believe however, Tide Free is not, in fact, actually free.

I don't think the theater is up and running yet but it was awfully close last time I was there. It's a awesome building!