Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Girl Scout Cookie

Dear Girl Scout Cookie,
Every year I can always tell when it's Girl Scout Cookie time. I start seeing the famous boxes every where I look. And the instant I see the bright green box of Thin Mints or the purple box of Samoas, my mouth instantly starts to salivate. But I kind of figured this year would be different. I told myself I wouldn't buy any boxes and I would stick to my Weight Watchers plan.
I'm sure you weren't too surprised though when I was approached by one of my nieces who asked me if I would like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies. So, you see, I was really saying yes to her and not to you, poor Girl Scout Cookie.
Last Saturday I received my package of Girl Scout Cookies in the mail. I immediately put them in a drawer and said that I would only give them to my hubby. But, you knew better, didn't you, Girl Scout Cookie? You knew I would immediately open the boxes just to "taste" each individual one.
Now that I have ate half of my boxes I've received, I now have a new plan of action. I'm just going to hurry and eat you. Just so I can be done with you. So take that, Girl Scout Cookie!

A member of GSC addicts anonymous

P.S. Can you tell me why three measly sugar free chocolate chip cookies are FOUR WW points? Is that legal?


KrissyBo. said...

LOL! I looooove me some girl scout cookies...and my faves are those too plus the lemon ones! Ahhhh they're just so sinful. Ours haven't come in yet...but the minute they do I know I'll regret ordering them! lol

mom to 3 boys! said...

I should also be a member of GSC anonymous! I ordered over $40 worth the FIRST time and then have since called my "dealer" to place TWO more orders and she is coming by this week for a third reorder. I need help! The thin mints with an occasional peanut butter sandwich are my weakness!

Nora said...

LOL! You say anything about my candy addiction again. Luckily, we don't have them here but I remember they were gooood. ;-) What other kinds do they have? Because my favourites haven't come along yet...

HeidiTri's said...

MMM-the "eat them all as quickly as I can" method was always my preferred method of dealing with the GSC evilness!
This year I tried a new tactic, because the next door neighbor girl is too cute to say "no" to. So, I bought only the flavors that I don't like. Too bad for my husband that they are all of his fave's!

Felicia said...

You're right Krissy...I should have mentioned just how sinful they are! And Kendra, I saw somewhere where you mentioned that were kind of my inspiration! lol!

You're right Nora, from now on I won't give you any more grief about your candy addiction! And Heidi, that's a great idea...and I kind of tried it this time...which resulted in me eating two entire boxes of sugar free chocolate chip cookies by myself while hubby ate the yummy Samoas...:)

Sheila said...

Why try to go with out the GSC, just figure out the points and eat them once a day and boohoo when they are gone.