Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Painting Pumpkins

A few weeks ago Parker and I had the pleasure of staying the night at one of my best friends house.  It provided some much needed girl time that I had been missing.  Back in the day, Misty and I would have spent the evening with a glass (or two) of wine before heading out to dance the night away.  Fast forward to the present, and since we are both mommy's now, our late night evenings now consist of a glass (or two) of wine (hey, some things will never change), painting pumpkins, and watching a season of Newlyweds on DVD (Misty and I are still hoping Nick and Jessica will some day re-unite.  We can hope, right?)

We began the day by letting the kids paint pumpkins of their own.

Then, topped the night off by painting our own "grown up" pumpkins.

I wish I could say that the inspiration of painting pumpkins came creatively to us, however, I think we were both inspired by pinterest (what else?).  Here was my inspiration:

Here are mine and Parker's finished products!

*We sprayed the big pumpkings with a clear coat afterwards.  However, we didn't clear coat the kids pumpkins.  They used finger paint, and I would highly recommend using a clear coat if that's your paint of choice.  Parker's pumpking has been sitting outside for a few weeks and the paint is peeling off.*

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Kendra said...

how cute! I love the chevron and dots combined with Parker's. very festive!