Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dream Catcher Necklace

One of my besties asked me recently if I was still making jewelry because she hadn't heard me talk about it lately.  The answer was yes and no.  Do I still like to make jewelry and do I still have all the supplies?  Yes.  Have I actually made anything recently?  No.  Although I hope to do something about that in the very near future.  Her next comment was that after seeing a picture of a dream catcher necklace on pinterest, she had been on a hunt to find one that looked "bohemian" and was not having any luck.  She told me that I should make some and sell them since she couldn't find any necklaces, just the kind one hangs on a wall.

                                                         Her pinterest inspiration.

So, being the great friend that I am (ha, ha), I decided to make her a dream catcher necklace for her birthday.  I had never made a dream catcher before, so I had to teach myself by watching youtube videos.  The webbing is pretty hard, and I obviously didn't do it the "right" way since my webbing is not uniform at all.  I have a feeling that it's a craft where over time, practice will make perfect! 

After this picture was taken, I re-did the feathers because I thought they were sticking out too much.

I made two necklaces, one for my friend and one for her sister.  She was pretty excited to see it when she opened her gift, but I keep forgetting to ask her if she has worn hers yet.  If so, I'll ask her to email me a pic of her wearing it and I'll post it at a future date.

In the meantime, I need some feedback.  Would you wear a dream catcher necklace?  Should I make some for my shop?  What would you pay for one?  Any and all feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks!


Kendra said...

How cool is that necklace!!! I would never have dreamed about a dream catcher necklace. no pun intended :) LOL

Sheila said...
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Sheila said...

Cute! Would I wear it, maybe, with the right outfit and if I ever got boots. On the other hand, your neice would wear one if you made it smaller and pink.
No clue what price you should charge though.

Hillarie said...

I think it is super cute! I would wear one. I think that I were to make one for myself I would hang it from a long string with tiny beads on it and then have the feathers hang off the dream catcher from beaded strings at different lengths. Probably not very traditional, but it would be cute I think.