Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Its been awhile, but I'm linking up again for Oh, How Pinteresting, Wednesday!  Yay!


I had these when we went to Colorado a few weeks ago (blog on that coming up soon!) and they were sooo yummy that I had to make them myself!  I made a batch on Sunday and yesterday we finished them off!  The hardest part is just un-wrapping all the hugs!  I also made mine with only one m&m because I figured that would make them less fattening.  ;)

We will begin remodeling our hall bathroom soon and I thought this was so cute!  However, my mom AND my husband were not impressed.  I guess their sense of humor is not as awesome as mine.  ;)

I love finding stuff like this on pinterest!  So simple, yet purely genius!  *Note to self:  buy tic-tac's soon!*

This would be such a fun activity for Parker, and then a fun game to play with afterwards!  The fact that it will cost next-to-nothing is a bonus!

I have such an obsession with jewelry made from spoons and forks!  Beautiful!

Source: via Felicia on Pinterest

Until next time, happy pinning!


Sheila said...

LOL I bought bobby pins in a little container like that years ago! Ihave them for ponytails too. Remember, I kept one in the car for our trip to CO?
Boy, that seems like years ago!

Kendra said...

That "get naked" on the side of the tub is genius! Made me laugh out loud.

Your question about Blastball, it's through the YMCA, played in the gym. There is only 1st base and every kid gets a turn to bat then runs to 1st and jumps on it to make it squeak.

renaissancemom said...

"Get naked"....... hahahahahahaha! That is great!

LaKeta said...

I LOVE the "get naked" vinyl on the tub!!! And I love your comment about heir sense of humor isn't as awesome as yours;)

Ashley said...

Love the get naked sticker on the tub! That is so cute and fun for a guest bathroom or even kids!