Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day Care!

Parker's first day of day care was yesterday.  And no, I didn't break down into a sobbing mess.  I actually didn't worry about him at all!  Mainly because I knew he would have a BLAST!  Parker is such a social butterfly and he loves kids!  The director of the day care was so impressed with how well he did when I picked him up.  She praised how much he talks and repeatedly said how smart he is.  Talk about a proud mommy moment!  She said that he loved the slides and every time they went into a new room, if there was a slide in it, he had to go down it.  This was no surprise to me and I am currently on the hunt to find a cheap used toddler slide on craigslist.  The only thing I was worried about was nap time.  Parker takes excellent naps, but he is always confined to his crib.  At day care the kids sleep on mats, so I didn't know how that would fly.  The director texted Greg last night and said the cutest thing was when Parker saw one of the workers patting one of the childs back, he got up and patted the other childs back.  How sweet is that!

Parker's first art project

In case you're wondering why the director was texting my husband, the answer to that is because they communicate by text fairly often.  Why?  Because this day care just opened it's doors to the public yesterday.  Prior to that, the owners hired Texoma Remodeling, LLC to do their remodel!  This was Greg's first commercial remodel with his business.  Here are some before and afters:


Before:  Reception Area/Front Door
After:  Reception Area/Front Door

Before:  Reception Area

Before:  Reception Area

After:  Reception Area

After:  Reception Area (still needs trim around counter top)

Before:  Media Room
Before:  Media Room and a peek into the Pre-School Room
After:  Media Room (Hard to see, but there is new sheet rock/texture/paint/trim)
After:  Preschool Room
Greg and his helpers did a great job on this remodel!  The owners of the day care are so sweet and relieved that after 5 contractors accepted the job and were no-shows, Greg finally entered the picture.  They had a small chip on their shoulders after having been burned by so many other contractors, but eventually Greg won them over.  I'd say it was a job well done and I know they are already planning on hiring Texoma Remodeling, LLC to add an additional bathroom to the facility.


Kendra said...

a WIN/WIN for everyone, I'd say!! I am so glad that Parker's first day went so well for both Parker and Mom! And what a great story about the daycare and owners. Happy daycare days, Parker!

Felicia said...

Thanks, Kendra!