Friday, February 17, 2012

22 Months Old!

Parker turned 22 months old on Monday!  I've been so busy with work life, that I feel like I've really been slacking in the mommy department.  So, I'll basically post all the pictures I took of him since there aren't that many (bad mommy!)
After finding a stash of swim diapers under his crib, he repeatedly pulls them out and puts them on his head and proudly exclaims, "hat!"

Hard. Core. Playing.

Blueberry Bruises!

A tractor ride from one of our neighbors.  Parker loves him!

It's still too big for him....hopefully it fits next winter!

Dashing out the door with daddy; his favorite thing to do.

Another make-shift hat!

Discovering curly fries....and actually liking them!  (The child does NOT like potatoes.)

Taking his new booster seat for a test drive.

Sheer delight in terrifying our dog, Shady, whom Parker refers to as, "Bella!"

Daddy's Boots!

The main thing that sticks out in my mind about this past month was Parker's new found obsession:  The Carebears.  Oh my word.....his grams bought him a Carebears movie for Christmas and ever since I've put that in, he thinks he has to watch it multiple times per day.  The sad thing is, he will actually watch the whole thing (it's 82 minutes long!)  I'm afraid I may be turning my son into a TV addict.  *sigh*  If he asks for it and I say, "no", which I do A LOT, he has a complete melt down. 

On a more positive note, he is continuing to say new words, and has even begun saying two words together!  Mainly when he is telling someone bye-bye.  As in, "bye-bye daddy" or "bye-bye Bella".  Other words that I can think of that he has learned are:  bear (beh), soup (sou), and.....I know there are probably a ton more but my mind is drawing a blank.  One thing that I've noticed for  awhile now that I've never wrote about is that he pronounces all of his "c's" as a "d".  So, a cat is a dat, and a car is a dar. 

I'm still teaching him animals and what sounds they make.  He now knows that a frog says "ribbit".  I have a book for him that is an alphabet book with animals.  If we flip through the book and ask him to point to a specific animal, he knows the whole book!  Proud parent moment the day we realized that!

He has really got into talking on the phone.  Now if he actually talks to a real person on the phone he will say hello (lo) and bye-bye.  He will often use an every day object and pretend it's  a phone.  It's so cute!

He's learning how to jump!

We love him dearly and he is such a joy to be around!

I am 22 months old!  I weigh 26.6 pounds!
He's very independent and has recently decided he doesn't like "help" when he takes drinks.  I'm always nervous he's going to dump it in his lap!


LaKeta said...

Parker is so stinking adorable!!!! I can't believe he's almost 2... It's hard to balance motherhood and a career but I have no doubts you are doing just fine on both ends;)

Kendra said...

He is looking so much older this month! The pictures are so fun! I love his creativeness and energy, oh and adorableness!
I know you are doing great being a mommy while working.

Felicia said...

Thanks ladies! I appreciate it!