Thursday, February 10, 2011

It could be worse....

I know I live a very charmed life when the downfalls of yesterday included:

* Realizing that corell plates are NOT shatterproof. In fact, a mere 3 foot fall will result in thousands of itty bitty shards of glass all over my kitchen floor and even on the top of my oven (How did that happen?)

* Parker caught his finger in the floor vent for the first time. Crying and bloodshed followed. Poor baby.

* Discovering that my DVR decided not to record the last 8 episodes of Sex in the City. I'm sooooo far behind now!

* I made my *delicious* homemade apricot cobbler from scratch for the second day in a row, only to have it once again turn out horribly. It was like a scrambled egg on top. No idea what I did wrong both days.

* Using the last of the apricots I froze this past spring and not being able to enjoy them.

At the end of the day, I told myself: It could be worse.


Kendra said...

oh the combination of those just makes me sad for you and for Parker who was injured. It can only get better!!!

Nora said...

Oh, you're just great!! :-)

Sheila said...