Tuesday, September 16, 2008

yoga time!

I was so ready for today to arrive! Why? Because my yoga class started today! I just got back about an hour ago and I already feel so relaxed. If you are reading this and have never practiced yoga, run, don't walk, to the nearest studio and give it a try. I did yoga one night a week the first few years of college, and then randomly ever since. However, today I purchased a six week session, so I'm super pumped! And the bonus is that the studio is this really old ranch house that has recently been revamped with cool paintings and photographs. I love the mixture of a rustic old house with totally modern eclectic art.

Because I knew that this was the kick off week for yoga I started on a weekly work out plan. Now, why I'm getting serious about shedding some unwanted pounds now that summer is over, is beyond me! But oh well! So, here's what I'm doing:
Monday: Cardio and light weights at the gym - 1 hour
Tuesday: Yoga - 1 hour
Nia - 1 hour
Wednesday: Cardio and light weights at the gym - 1 hour
Thursday: Nia - 1 hour
Friday: Cardio and light weights at the gym - 1 hour

It's really nothing compared to my cousin Heidi's triathlon training schedule, but I'm hoping it will work for me. And by posting it for the world to see, I'm hoping I'll stick with it!!! Hopefully with this new plan I can loose ten pounds this month. Is that a realistic goal? I have no idea, but I'm running with it.

On a side note: I mailed off my voter registration today! Yay! Although now I'm slightly panicked. It will take approximately 20 days to get my voter registration card in. Then, once I have that, I have to mail in a request for an absentee voter ballot. I really hope that I get everything in time so that all this research won't be done in vain. In the meantime, it's time to begin researching the candidates!


Nora said...

Wow! Busy schedule, I am impressed! :-) Let me know how it goes. I wanna go to the gym tonight as well, first time in ages, let's see if it works. Grey starts at 9.15, so I have to be back by then, not to mention working until tonight. *sucks* If you loose ten punds this months, you have to let me know EXACTELY how you did it. I need that, too!

HeidiTri's said...

That's great! It's cool that you have found a form of exercise that you're excited about. I've never tried Yoga, mostly because I think I would get impatient with the pace of it. But I might have to give it a try in a few weeks. The ranch house sounds awesome!

Weight loss is all about this formula: Calories out>calories in. Exercise and healthy eating will get you there. Good luck with your goal!!

Oh yeah..congrats on the voter registration. I'm impressed that you didn't let the "Phillips Family" political fanatisicm scare you away!!

Felicia said...

Cross my fingers that I can do it Nora! And if I do, I'll definately email you all about it!

Heidi, since you're worried about not enjoying the "speed" of yoga, once you learn some of the basic positions, you should try "flow" yoga. I did it one time in a studio that was purposely heated to 100+ degrees, and it was the best workout I think I've ever had. Flow yoga means you never stop moving. But if that doesn't float your boat either, try Nia. I absolutely love it! It stands for non-impact aerobics and it combines dance, yoga, tai chi, tae kwon do. It is a blast and the bonus is that when I go, I'm sweating my booty off, but it's so much fun it doesn't really feel like a work out!

Sheila said...

You scare me!LOL

Felicia said...


HeidiTri's said...

Soooo..How did it go? Did you meet your goals?

Felicia said...

Well, thank goodness I've been sticking to my work out plan! But unfortunately I haven't lost any weight. But on Sunday Greg went with me to the gym and showed me how to use more of the machines that I had no idea how to use. Not to mention that I wasn't using some of them properly. Go fig! Now it's Wednesday and I have been so sore since Monday. That's a good thing, I think! And last night Greg and I measured our legs, chest, waist, arms, and stomach. I'll be checking those out as well as my weight every week!!!! Thanks for asking!