Monday, September 29, 2008

A Weekend in Colorado

Greg and I had the perfect Colorado weekend! We went to Pueblo on Friday night. We ate at Red Lobster (yum!) and then took in the movie "Eagle Eye", which quite frankly, I wasn't all that impressed with. But, it was fun to have a date night! Then on Saturday we ventured West to stay with our friends Nell and Warren in Canon City. Warren works with Greg, so we haven't known them for very long, but they are such a neat couple to spend time with. And I cannot tell you how excited I was to pull up to such a cute "gingerbread" Victorian home!

Shortly after we arrived we went for a ride to check out the land that they own on top of a mountain! Have I ever mentioned that I'm not always the best passenger to have in a vehicle? My hubby likes to check things out, even when we're driving on the edge of a mountain that I think reaches 9,000+ feet! So I was a very happy camper when we arrived at Warren and Nell's land. And it was so gorgeous!!!! They own around 35 acres (mol) and it has beautiful aspen trees on it. We had a nice picnic lunch and then did some brief hiking and picture taking on their land.

Even Shady had a blast!

Those gorgeous colors on the mountain are actually aspen leaves! My new official favorite tree!

From there we took a drive on what I would call a "country road" to check out the scenery!

We saw several deer, including this smart duo that took shelter in a small "cave" during a light rain shower.

Remember that rain shower I mentioned? Guess what followed shortly after?

If I had a dollar for every rainbow I've seen since we've been in Colorado I would be a rich woman! They are one thing I never grow tired of seeing! Proof that there is a God!

Unfortunately, there was one small detour that I wish we hadn't decided to take. If someone enters Canon City from the West, there is a road called "Skyline Drive" that one can take into town instead of the interstate. Warren knew how nervous I was getting driving on the side of the mountain and he assured me that it wasn't that big of a deal. Yeah. Right. It's a one way road (if it can even be called that) and we did start off with a nice big chunk of mountain on our left hand side, with the drop off on our right. But, as we kept climbing, eventually, there is a drop off on both sides. Did I mention that my sweet, precious hubby likes to look around when he's driving? And we have a HUGE truck. It's really a beast. To put it mildly, apparently I have a fear of heights. Especially on a road that is not quite wider than the four wheels of our truck, there is a drop off on both sides, and NO GUARD RAILS! Whew! My hands are sweating and my heart is racing as I'm typing this!!! Even Warren commented that it didn't seem that dangerous when he rides his bike on it. Obviously we didn't die, but I am considering this pretty darn close to a near-death experience!

We topped off our great day (minus the near death experience) with dinner at an Irish pub, which was delicious!!!! Afterwards we drove around Canon City and checked out some of the older historic homes! Unfortunately it was too dark for pictures. On Sunday we went to a cute mom and pop cafe and I had another wonderful meal! This time a vegetarian version of an eggs benedict. Yummy! Before we left town, we drove past another old home (we all know I'm obsessed with them!). This one even has a website! I haven't had a chance to visit yet, but the address is (If anyone knows how I can make these have actual links please feel free to clue me in as to how to do it!)

After that we headed back to Lamar! I wonder what we'll do this weekend.......


The Bo. Family said...

How fun! :) Your pics are beeeautiful! Okay, on creating links...when you type the word you want to link to a website, highlight it and then click on the little green circle with a paperclip (I think it says insert link) which is located at the top of the toolbar in the compose area. A little box will pop up, you enter your url and voila! You've got yourself a linkie link! :) Have fun!

HeidiTri's said...

I love the pics! It sounds like a great weekend! When you come to Albany/Troy, we'll take you on some tours of historical homes. I love them too!

Felicia said...

OH! Thanks Krissy! I'll have to play around with that! And Heidi, I can't wait to look at historic homes! Anytime, anyplace!

Brad said...

That is some beautiful scenery! Looks like you had a good time. I love that house! I've always wanted one with a big porch. I was going to give you a little piece of HTML code to do the link, but it looks like someone has already told you an easier way.

Jessica Talbott said...

The pics are great! I love the one with the road and trees on the side...I wish I had a road like that here. Hope all is well!

Doohickie said...

Wow, looks beautiful!