Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm in a Treasury!

Yay! I'm in a treasury on etsy thanks to my great friend Tina ( I know a lot of you probably aren't familiar with but that is the website that I sell my jewelry through. And treasuries are just the coolest things. Supposively there can only be around 330 treasuries at a time, so of course I've never been able to make one of my own. But apparantly there was a glitch in the system yesterday and there were over 700 treasuries created. Treasuries are items that someone picks and then, generally, they get lots of views! Which means it can draw more people to my website!!! Yay! As you can tell I'm pretty stoked! OH, and I'm the Misty necklace on the bottom right!


Brandi said...

Hey Felicia! Thanks so much for your comment!

Well, that photo isn't actually of a treasury; it's of a poster sketch, since I haven't been able to snag a treasury. But I do the same thing to "capture" both, which is grab a screenshot.

If you're on a PC desktop computer, there should be a PrtScrn (print screen) button up above the home/end/page up/page down grouping on your keyboard. Press that, open up Paint, then paste. It'll grab a screenshot of everything on your screen, and you can just crop it in Paint.

If you're on a PC laptop, you have to press two buttons: the FN button (function) button down along the bottom and the Prt SC button somewhere along the top. On my laptop, both buttons are surrounded by a square, and the Prt Sc button shares space with the insert key. Press those at the same time, then paste into Paint.

Now, the thing is that unless your monitor is super big, chances are you probably won't get the whole treasury - you might have to print screen, paste, save, then scroll down the screen and do it again. I take those two photos then paste them together in Photoshop.

Anyway, that's a long drawn out explanation, so if you've still got questions, feel free to email or convo me.

In the mean time, give that a try, but so you aren't frustrated if it doesn't work, I loaded a screenshot of your treasury into Flickr for you. Just click all sizes then download or right click + save the size you want. :)

Felicia said...

Wow. You're awesome. Thank you so much!!!