Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I voted!

Did you?

This sounds soooo lame, but the best part about the whole process is the little sticker I can wear proudly all day that says, "I Voted".  (Make fun of me if you want, but that sticker also got me 10% off my purchase at Atwoods today!)

See my sticker?
The previous election was the first time I chose to exercise my right to vote.  And after all the time I spent researching the different political parties and each candidate, I was really looking forward to that stupid sticker.  We were still "living on the road" at that time, so I did an absentee ballot.  Which meant I didn't get a sticker. :(

This year, I didn't stress myself out over who to vote for.  I watched the debates, tuned out all my friends and their opinions, and voted for the guy that I think can do a decent job.  And then, I got a sticker.  What can I say?  It's the little things in life that please me, and later today when I pick my son up, he'll be excited to steal my sticker, so it will actually make two people's day!

Happy Election Day!

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Kendra said...

HA! I love it! When I got to the poll today they pointed out that my license was expired. One of the gentleman called the election baord and asked them to fax my voter ID. Gracelyn and I waited for 15 minutes in the church office and the ID never came through. I went to tag agency to hopefully get a new one but found out I needed my birth certificate, which I had no clue it's location. The whole time I was thinking about that sticker. Seriously! I wanted the sticker. When we were at the poll and the guy was calling the board another volunteer gave G a sticker and I was jealous. How sad is that?? I ended up finally getting the fax and voted and got my sticker! Sorry for the long story, I had to share my love for the sticker!