Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas through the eyes of a two year old

I have spent the past few days decorating our house for Christmas.  Parker had so much fun with all the "new" stuff.  However, it has been pretty entertaining watching how he plays with the decorations.

For Christmas last year my mom gave Parker a bunch of Christmas books.  I packed them away with the decorations so they would be "new" again this year.  He was beyond excited about all of the books and after he read them, he decided they were more well suited as a Choo-Choo train!

I have a Santa Claus decoration that is similar to a Russian Nesting Doll.  It has proven to be his favorite toy.  However, he thinks they are cups and pretends to drink from them.  I'm just waiting for the moment he actually fills one of the wooden figures up with water from our refrigerator door (note to self: remember to child lock the ice and water dispensers).

See that item he's holding?  It's not a Christmas wreath centerpiece for my coffe table.  Nope.  If you look closer you see that it's an alligator.  And, it's chasing him!

I let Parker decorate one Christmas tree all by his self.  He had so much fun doing it!  However, he would place all the ornaments on one tree branch until it was full, then he would proceed to another one.  I know I've morphed into a mom when I bit my tongue and refrained from telling him where to put each ornament so it would look "pretty".  He was so focused and when we ran out of ornaments he was absolutely beaming.  He couldn't wait to show it to his daddy when he got home that evening.  The memory makes me a little teary eyed! 

Once we were finished with the little tree he was overly excited to put together the bigger Christmas tree.  After I put it together there were a few V-shaped tree limbs (I'm assuming to put at the bases of the poles so it doesn't look so fake!  But, to a two year old, they were more fun to wear as hats.  He even told me I had to wear one and when I did so, he told me I was a princess (if someone ever needs a self-confidence booster, just hang out with a two year old!).

As much as he is enjoying all the decorations, the little guitar Christmas tree ornament is taunting him.  I had to move it to a higher branch because even though I thought it was our of his reach, nothing can stand in the way of a budding musician.  I don't have a picture of it, but Parker practically tried to climb the tree to try and yank it down.

Happy Holidays from our house to yours!


Sheila said...

I adore Pj's tree, you just need to run to the dollar store and buy him more ornaments or start making some with him!
I should have had you get jammies for my kids. I so am not spending the price they are on-line. I'm hoping to find some fabric I like next summer and I'll just make them a cute matching set.
As for trains... do you remember James lining everything up, for about 2 years? I iss that age so very much. Drink this in, it's for sure the sweetest years.

Kendra said...

The toddler years are my FAVE!!! Love their discovery, curiosity and attempting to be so independent.
His tree is precious! I love all the pictures, you really captured what Christmas looks like for a 2 year old.