Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Big T-W-O!

I can't believe my sweet angel is TWO!  Where did the time go?  It seemed like the previous month really showed me how much he is learning and growing!  Almost anything I ask him to try to say, he will!  Which also means we have to be very careful about what we say, too.

One of the best highlights of the month was this little conversation we had on the couch:

Me:  Who's this?  (pointing to Greg)

Parker:  Dada

Me:  Who am I?  (pointing to myself)

Parker:  Mama

Me:  Who are you?  (pointing to Parker...obviously)

Parker:  Parker

Me & Greg:  *GASP*

Prior to that, I had never asked him what his name was, and I hadn't ever tried to get him to say it, either.  It was a pleasant surprise.  Now I can ask him, "What's your name?"  and he'll say, "Parker".  It's adorable.

Once he got his name down, I figured he better learn how old he was.  I didn't want to confuse him by teaching him "one", and then a week later telling him he was two.  Luckily, he learned quickly, and on his birthday if someone asked  him, "How old are you?"  He could say, "two".  Granted, that doesn't mean he answers every time!

Some fun things that happened this past month for him were:

He began potty training!

He went to the circus!

He saw a real live turtle for the first time!

The easter bunny visited him!

Money he found in an egg left by the Easter Bunny.

He got to play in the rain!

A neighbor gave him all kinds of "new" outside toys...we put this one up in storage because it's too big for him still, but I love this pic of him!

Parker is still sleeping really well!  He takes naps in the afternoon and at night he never fights me about going to bed.  Although he has never tried to climb out of his crib, I plan on converting it to his "toddler bed" in the very near future.  We'll see how things go once that happens!

He still has the combination of straight and curly hair, which is sometimes a little wild-man looking, but I love it!

At some point this past month, he began getting his back top molar in.

Parker's favorite things are:  bubbles, trains, running, playing outside, and chips!!  (Not too proud about the last one, but oh well!)

On his actual birthday we went up to Norman to stay at Parker's Nana and Papa's house.  We had his birthday party there the following day (post to come!).  We had a celebratory lunch at Braums on the way there, complete with Birthday Cake ice cream!  He was out cold for the entire journey there.

One interesting thing that happened shortly after our arrival was that we had to take shelter in my in-laws storm shelter.  A tornado touched down a mile away from the house, but luckily we were safe and no damage was done.  How many kids can say they got to turn two in a storm shelter?!

HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY, PARKER!  I love you more than you'll ever know.  There are days when I'm ready to tear my hair out, but then you can look at me with a huge grin and a loud laugh, and I'm reminded again of how precious you really are.  You are smart, sweet, energetic, and so fun to be around! 

I am TWO!  I am 26 pounds!


LaKeta said...

He is so precious!!! Is he 2 today??? If so he and my oldest, Chloe, share a birthday! Chloe turned 12 today... Talk about time flying :(

Felicia said...

I can't believe that! Wow! No, his birthday was on the 13th. I was just late in posting.

Sheila said...

So sweet. 2 is a fun age, still. ; )
I love the first picture of him in the rain. LOVE!
Can't wait for him to tell me everything. I just can't get home fast enough.

renaissancemom said...

YAY! I love 2..... my little one is 2 as well. So fun!

Kendra said...

What a fun month and he's absolutely adorable!! I love the rain pics. I cannot believe he's 2, it seems like yesterday I was reading your pregnancy updates. Happy "2" Parker!!