Thursday, March 29, 2012

23 Months Old

Parker turned 23 months old on the 13th (yup, I'm behind on blogging.  Shocker.)  Things have been such a whirlwind lately that I don't remember much....let's see:

My father-in-law took this picture and I'm so grateful!  My camera is always too slow to capture the "real" Parker!  He's all smiles!
1.  Parker started day care.  I blogged about it here.  He does great, although he had a solid week where everytime I tried to drop him off he clung to me and cried.  This happened a day after a little boy bit him twice in one day (although I was told that my little champ didn't cry and gave the boy a hug afterwards!  What a sweetheart my little boy is!)  However, the best part about day care is picking him up.  He always runs to me with the biggest grin and a warm hug.  It completely melts my heart since he is such a daddy's boy.  I'm glad he misses me!

2.  He began saying, "I love you".  It sounds like "ah boo", and I love it!  Granted, Greg or I have to say it first, so the day that he says it first will probably bring me to tears!

3.  His vocabulary is expanding!  He will readily try to repeat words that you ask him to repeat.  He is also pretty great at repeating back the alphabet!

Too cute for words!

I am 23 months old today!  I weigh 26 pounds!

This is the expression he made when I said, "Smile for the camera!"

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Kendra said...

Parker is absolutely adorable!! And yes, you will completely melt when he says "I love you" on his own! Happy 23 months, Parker!!