Wednesday, May 25, 2011

13 Months Old!

Considering the fact that Parker is now almost two weeks into his thirteenth month, this post is obviously over-due. However, so much happened in Parkers twelfth month that I couldn't just over look it!

First and foremost, he began WALKING!!!

As odd as it seemed since he's over a year old, Parker got to celebrate his first Easter! We spent it at the lake, and unfortunately we didn't get to go to church because yours truly forgot to pack Greg's church clothes. Opps! There's always next year!

His favorite Easter treat was this metallic egg from his Grams. He was so excited when he opened it and discovered....CHEERIOS!

Next, Parker finally began using some of the baby sign language I've been using! His first sign was "more" as in, "I want more food". He also began doing the sign for "milk" although I think he uses it when he wants a drink in general. He began signing the word "eat". Unfortunately, he doesn't do that one correctly! The sign language is to tap some of your fingers on your mouth and it took me awhile to realize that he does this sign, but instead of tapping his mouth, he taps the side of his head! (Think, Winnie the Pooh!) I know what he's trying to say though, so that's all that matters to me! Last but not least, he began signing AND saying "All Done" when he finishes his meal. It is ADORABLE! However, he generally follows up "all done" with the "more" sign! LOL! It's also pretty cute if we are in the car for a long period of time he will start saying and signing "all done" which we interpret as: get me out of here!

Parker loves being outside! I recently began letting him walk outside. The uneven terrain is a little challenging for him, but I think he's about got it mastered now. Being the over protective mom though, I usually let Greg take him out! I would probably hold him back from exploring too much, where Greg just keeps a watchful eye on him and lets him be free!

Speaking of Greg, Parkers favorite person is his DADA! Which is also a word I hear all day long. I'm pretty lucky if he says the word "mama" once a week.

I am 13 months old!!! I weigh 22 pounds and am 30" long!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Temporary Home

As I stated in this post, we are living in a "temporary home" until we are able to find a new home for us to purchase. We are staying at Hidden Lake RV Ranch in a cute, cozy cabin. I was really nervous before we moved in because the cabin has an open concept. As in, no bedrooms! Why did this make me nervous? Because Parker doesn't sleep through the night, and Greg needs a good nights sleep since his job is very physically demanding (not to mention dangerous). Luckily, Parker has been doing much better at night! I'm sure this has something to do with the fact that I now feed him oatmeal and yogurt before he goes to bed.

The cabin is fully furnished, so we just brought some clothes, toys for Parker, Parker's crib, a few toiletries, and food. There are a few pictures of the cabin on the website that I have linked up above.

The best thing about our temporary home is the location. It's on a 96 acre ranch, that has lots of walking trails, which I LOVE!! It also has a "lake" that is fully stocked with fish, which Greg LOVES! If he gets home early enough he is content to "go fishing" while I "go hiking"!

The owners of the ranch have a gator, which is a type of ATV. One night they gave us a gator ride which was a lot of fun.

There is even a little play area right outside of my front door. Parker loves to play on the swings, and, now that he's walking, he even gets to play in this cute cabin!

An added bonus is that there is a hammock in a secluded spot!!! I love the days that I am able to walk, Parker falls asleep in his stroller, and I can lounge on the hammock and loose myself in a book. Perfection!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Parker's 1st Birthday Party

One year ago a star fell from the heavens and landed in our arms...

The phrase and picture above are what I had printed on Parker's First Birthday Party invitations. The day was so special and it's safe to say it was an event I will remember for the rest of my life.

His party had a colorful star theme and one of the items I desperately wanted was a custom birthday shirt for my special birthday boy. My sweet friend Kellie has her own childrens clothing line and I knew that she offered birthday shirts. I took it one step further by requesting a coordinating shirt for myself as well. The shirts arrived a few days before the party and Greg and his family gave me all kinds of heck for not getting a coordinating shirt for Greg as well. I figured Greg would not have wanted to have a matching shirt so I didn't bother to ask him. I still don't think he would have wore one, but he's not letting me live that one down any time soon!

Aren't the shirts adorable? To place your own order, visit!

Before the guests arrived we had a quick little photo shoot!

Friends and family began arriving shortly after our photo session. I had pizza and fruit ready and waiting for the guests. I didn't want a super formal party and that way every one was allowed to eat and mingle at their leisure. There were plenty of younger kids there and I made sure to have goody bags for them as well, filled with bubbles, sunglasses, and rubber duckies. They had a great time playing in the backyard! I'm pretty sure the adults had just as much fun as the kiddos since there was plenty of opportunity for conversation and laughs.

Once everyone had a chance to eat, I decided it was time to let Parker open his presents. The first gift I had him open was from me and Greg. Since he began taking his first steps we bought him his first pair of Stride Rite walking shoes. I also decided to get him a birthday card that sang a song when it opens. I remembered buying one for one of my nephews when he turned one and how much he loved it. Parker was no different. I eventually had to hide the card behind my back so he would focus on the other presents that he had to open! Parker was truly blessed with such great gifts from friends and family. THANK YOU!

He had to take a break from gift opening to give his cousin, Zoe, a kiss!

And, of course, he had to taste almost every single gift, wrapping paper, and bow!

This is Parker with his favorite gift: The Alphabet Train from his Uncle Russel and Aunt Sharon!

Once all the gifts were open, it was time for cake!

The cakes were made from Fancy Cakes. I thought they were awesome, although I thought the hand writting on them was a little sloppy, but oh well. Parker had his own white cake, and the cake for every one else was a delicious strawberry.

Everyone sang happy birthday which he loved! It was only after I got him situated in his high chair that I realized we did not have it recorded on our video camera. So, I asked everyone to sing to him once again!

Prior to his party I told Greg that I didn't think Parker would be the baby that would just smear cake all over his face. Greg disagreed, but, my theory proved to be true! Parker had never had anything sweet before so he wasn't quite sure what to think about the frosting. After several attempts to get him to eat the cake, I finally gave up and put some Cheerios on his tray, along with mashing a few into the frosting which he happily plucked out.

His facial expression says it all!

Can you spy the Cheerios?

Overall, the party was a huge success! I had a great time, and I think Parker did too! Here are a few other snap shots before I sign off!