Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Temporary Home

As I stated in this post, we are living in a "temporary home" until we are able to find a new home for us to purchase. We are staying at Hidden Lake RV Ranch in a cute, cozy cabin. I was really nervous before we moved in because the cabin has an open concept. As in, no bedrooms! Why did this make me nervous? Because Parker doesn't sleep through the night, and Greg needs a good nights sleep since his job is very physically demanding (not to mention dangerous). Luckily, Parker has been doing much better at night! I'm sure this has something to do with the fact that I now feed him oatmeal and yogurt before he goes to bed.

The cabin is fully furnished, so we just brought some clothes, toys for Parker, Parker's crib, a few toiletries, and food. There are a few pictures of the cabin on the website that I have linked up above.

The best thing about our temporary home is the location. It's on a 96 acre ranch, that has lots of walking trails, which I LOVE!! It also has a "lake" that is fully stocked with fish, which Greg LOVES! If he gets home early enough he is content to "go fishing" while I "go hiking"!

The owners of the ranch have a gator, which is a type of ATV. One night they gave us a gator ride which was a lot of fun.

There is even a little play area right outside of my front door. Parker loves to play on the swings, and, now that he's walking, he even gets to play in this cute cabin!

An added bonus is that there is a hammock in a secluded spot!!! I love the days that I am able to walk, Parker falls asleep in his stroller, and I can lounge on the hammock and loose myself in a book. Perfection!


Sheila said...

So, how much is rent and do they have extra cabins? Might be a way for us to "stay" with you for a week.
Cute play cabin too.
Love ya!

Brad said...

So cute and sounds so relaxing!