Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Traditions

I have to admit, even before I got married, I longed for the days when I could begin my own family holiday traditions.  Call me sappy; I'm OK with it!

I know this may sound tacky, but I love going to the movies on Christmas!  Maybe it's just because I'm such a movie lover, but there are usually several movies opening on Christmas Day, and the theatres are always packed.  Now that Parker is in our lives, I think it will be several years before we can continue with that tradition; and I'm fine with that!  However, now that Parker has blessed our lives, these are some of the fun Christmas traditions I hope to keep up:

The Christmas Count-Down Calendar.  This was Greg's when he was a little boy.  His grandma made it, and I love that now Parker gets to use it, as well.  He already knows what I mean whenever I say, "Do you want to do your Christmas calendar?"  He eagerly holds his hands up so I can lift him up to see it.  I will point to the day that it is and say the numbers aloud.  Then I'll grab whatever Christmas tree ornament is in that day's pouch, and will lift it until it barely peeps out of it's hiding spot.  Once I move my hand out of the way, Parker excitedly pulls it out.  He loves examining each days ornament!  After he has thoroughly examined the goody, I hold him up and let him place it on the tree.  Obviously I have to pin it for him!  On Christmas Day he will be able to pull a Santa Clause out of the pot under the Christmas tree.

Another Christmas tradition I plan on starting this year is allowing Parker to open a gift on Christmas Eve.  That gift will be a new (yet freshly washed) pair of pajamas for him to wear to bed that night.  These are his Christmas Eve pajamas for this year.  I actually purchased them the day after Christmas last year for a mere $2.00!

For the last few years, I have bought a Christmas tree ornament that reflects something that happened in our family the previous year.  For instance, last year I bought a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament.  This year I opted to use something even more personal for our yearly ornament.  I placed Parker's first pair of walking shoes on the tree.  I need to see if there is a way to actually get them preserved as an ornament.  My mom bronzed a pair of my first shoes and they are on a plaque.  I don't really want to have a plaque of Parker's shoes sitting in my house, so I think the Christmas ornament idea is pretty neat!  As a bonus, Parker loves pointing at the tree and exclaiming, "Shoes!"

Those are a few of my Christmas traditions.  As Parker gets older I plan on adding more traditions, including ones that involve the true meaning of Christmas.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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Kendra said...

What fun traditions! The shoes on the tree are adorable! Your idea is much cuter!
Our boys' favorite is baking a cake for Jesus' birthday and of course reading from the Bible Christmas Eve night as they act out the Christmas story with the Little People Nativity set.