Monday, December 12, 2011

20 Months Old

It just hit me that this post is beginning with the number 2! *GASP* Before I know it I'll be planning a second birthday party. My little boy has really begun playing with toys more this past month. He was recently given a Little People barn and he loves playing with that, as well as a toy tool set. He also loves playing with balls and flipping through books. I have to be careful when he has books all to his self though, because he likes tearing them up and eating them as much as he loves looking at them.
I wrote in my last month old post that he began watching Sesame Street. I should probably clarify. The DVD that we have is an Elmo DVD, so technically he loves ELMO! He can spot anything elmo related a mile away! In the morning when I get him out of his crib he has three things that he immediately asks for: Dada, Billa (what he calls our dog, Shady. Long story as to why he calls her Billa), and then MELMO (elmo)! I should probably get a back-up Elmo DVD because we would have a problem in this house if something ever happend to the one we have. We celebrated Thanksgiving this past month and went and stayed with our Aunt Jackie. Parker had so much fun! She had a lot of different toys for him to play with. He also got to play with his sweet cousin, Hillarie. He gave her lots of hugs and affection.
Parker has really mastered feeding his self well with utinsels. He loves using a fork and has also gotten much better with a spoon. In fact, this month I finally began letting him eat his cereal without helping him. He used to turn the spoon over, but that is no longer an issue. I can't complain that my son is a picky eater. He is generally a very good eater! Luckily we are not vegetarians, because he loves meat. His favorite meats are ham and hamburger meat. I know that Parkers vocabulary is expanding but I proabably won't remember all the new words he can say. Some of his newest words are: walk, knock, phone (wone), and turtle. I am also continuing to work with him on his body parts and he has recently learned where his cheek, chin, and fingers are. I put up our Christmas tree one evening after Parker went to bed. The following day I decorated it while he was napping. He was so fascinated by it once he woke up. I only decorated the top half that he couldn't reach. He is constantly putting anything and everything into his mouth that I didn't want to risk him putting an ornament hook in his mouth. After the newness of the tree wore off he has pretty much left it alone.
This past week we had our friends Randy, Shannon, and Braxton down to visit us. Parker was thrilled to have a kid in the house to play with. I use the word "play" lightly because there is such an age difference between them that they actually don't really play well together. But, Parker loves watching him and is thrilled to have him around. We went to a circus one night and it's safe to say that Parker was fascinated by what he was seeing.
A few days later I took the boys to a Christmas parade. They had a blast! There were two motorcycles in the parade and Parker would point at them and say, "bike! bike!" I think we may have a future biker on our hands! I am 20 months old today! I weigh 26.2 pounds!


PennyCandy said...

What a sweet boy you have and I hope to meet him before he is grown up.

Kendra said...

sweet, precious boy! I cannot get over his beautiful eyes.

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