Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our First Date

of 2011. Seriously folks! The weekend before last the hubby and I got to go on a date! And since our lives have been so hectic, it was our first date since October. Do the math. That's ten months! I could have grown an entire human being in my belly since the last time Greg and I were able to leave Parker with someone we trust so we could enjoy a date night! Or, in this case, a date morning. What did we do?

Drum roll please....

We went on a Poker Run!

What's a poker run you may ask? Well, let me try to explain. Poker Runs are public events that are usually used to earn money for a charity. They can be done in cars, boats, or in this case, by motorcycle! Basically each contestant pays the entry fee. Then you are given a map of different places to "draw a card" kind of like playing a game of poker. I've only been on two poker runs. The first everyone left as a big group to the next place. This particular poker run was a little different in that everyone left at different times. While there were about thirty bikes in this poker run, we arrived with our "group" of six and they are who we rode with the entire time.

We had five stops and at each stop we drew a card (Or in this case we drew poker chips with numbers written on them). At the end of the poker run they added up the numbers we drew from each stop. Then, the person with the highest and lowest hand won some money. Now that I have thoroughly confused you (and myself) I'll move on. Sadly, we didn't win any money. But, the poker run was to raise money for two of the local schools. And although we didn't win money, both winners actually turned their money back over and donated it to the school as well which was really awesome of them to do.

However, we did win a trophy. Why? Well, the organizers of the poker run were giving away two trophies. One went to the best bike and the other went to the best bike group. Both trophies were dedicated to two men in the community who had passed away but who were both bikers. One of those said bikers was my father in law (I would like to note that neither men had deaths that were caused by being on their motorcycle). There were several people down in the neighborhood that our lake house is at and they were the group of six that we rode around on. We were voted the "Best Group" and that happened to be the trophy with my father in laws name on it. I think the voting was a little rigged, but needless to say our group won and they gave the trophy to Greg.

After the poker run our little group wanted to go to a bar and have a drink in my father in laws memory. We stayed there about an hour and enjoyed some cool beverages before heading back to the house.

I have to give a huge shout out to my mom for driving down to the lake house the night before to spend the night with us so she could watch Parker since we left at the crack of dawn. I know she was more than happy to spend the morning with him and I was more than happy to have a small break.

Since I've obviously slacked off when it comes to blogging, y'all should not be surprised when I say I forgot to take my camera on the poker run. Luckily I asked my mom to take a quick snap shot of us before we left!

Although I'm not going to hold my breath, I hope I'll be able to blog about another date with my hubby pretty soon!

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Sheila said...

I'm so glad you had a great day date with Greg!
Number of dates I've had with hubby:
So, guess we are in the same boat! LOL
Love ya,Sis