Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm joining the club!

The thirty club that is! That's right! Today's my birthday and I'm THIRTY!!!

Yes, believe it or not, unlike most women, I'm actually excited and happy to be thirty. I read on a website that women have two different outlooks on turning thirty. One being that a woman is excited and happy to continue living her life as a responsible adult. The other is that a woman is sad to see her youth end and questions her decisions as a young adult. If it's not obvious from the statement at the beginning of this post, I'm in the group that is happy to be turning thirty. And why wouldn't I? I have some great thirty year old role models!

Natalie Portman I was so happy to watch Natalie win an Oscar at this years Academy Awards. She is always a delight to watch on screen and although I haven't had the opportunity to watch Black Swan, I have no doubt that she deserved the award. Not only is she a new mom, she's also intelligent, poised, and beautiful. A perfect thirty year old role model!

She is one of my best friends (and I creepily stole one of her facebook pictures. Ha, ha, it's ok because I doubt she'll even read this!). I'm so happy that we met in college and have continued to maintain such a great friendship. Not only is she a fierce independent woman, she is also a homeowner, she is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in, she would pull over on the side of a road to help a turtle cross the street, she works full time as a social worker and sees things that I can't even begin to imagine, and for the past year she has selflessly devoted her time and energy in being a foster mom to a cute baby girl. I should probably mention that she's single...which is inspiring to me because I know for a fact if I were a single woman I would not be able to do what Misty does. Isn't she beautiful (both inside and out)? A perfect thirty year old role model!

Alicia Keys Ever since I first heard Alicia Keys belting out "Fallen" on the radio I have been a fan. I think her voice and piano skills are amazing. Although she came onto the scene at a younger age, I always appreciated the fact that I never saw her in any tabloid magazines acting like an idiot. She's talented, inspiring, beautiful, and is also a mother. A perfect thirty year old role model!

Now you can see why I'm so excited to become a part of the Thirty Club!

Despite turning thirty, when it comes right down to it, I'm still one of these at heart.

Which means I still love getting these.

I'm always excited to see what my husband will give me for my birthday (because as much as I love getting presents, he is the only person I actually expect a present from). He told me that he ordered my gift online a couple of weeks ago. He was pretty disappointed to find out that what he ordered is actually on back order. (Which in my mind means it must be pretty awesome, right?)

My hubby is never the greatest at keeping secrets so he began asking me if I wanted any hints. At first I said no, but as my big day approached I started to get giddy with anticipation and I finally broke down and asked for a hint. I'll share them with you so maybe y'all can help me guess what my present is!

Let me start by telling you that I told him on more than one occasion that a "perfect" birthday present would be one of the following:

1. Britney Spears concert tickets
2. Invisalign
3. A fork ring

He promptly told me that my present was none of the above. :)

Here are the two hints he gave me:

1. I can't take it with me to the bathroom (random)
2. It's not white

Yup. That really narrows it down. Hmmm....

I'll be honest, at first I was thinking he was probably going to buy me a kindle or a nook or one of those e-reader type things because he hates all the books I have. However, I'm pretty sure if I really wanted to I could take that with me into the bathroom. I'm stumped! Oh well!

Now, for those of you who are approaching thirty and you are not too excited about it, maybe you can look at it this way: thirty is just a fancy way of saying you're EIGHTEEN plus twelve years experience!

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HeidiTri's said...

Those hints would have infuriated me!
What's invisalign?
And, the hammock was way better than a kindle!