Friday, July 22, 2011

My newest crush!

Wanna know what my latest obsession is? It's pinterest! And I am in LOVE! First, who doesn't love looking at awesome pictures of items that peak ones interest? I know I sure do! But this website takes it one step further. I can plug in a word, say driftwood, for example, and it pulls up all kinds of pictures with driftwood. Pretty cool, huh?

I discovered pinterest when a friend of mine suggested I check it out after I posted a question on facebook asking where I could get ideas for remodeling our lake house. When I think of a "lake house" I picture a cabin with lots of decor involving fish. Maybe because that's what every lake house that I've been in at Lake Texoma is like. Since I'm not that into fish, I figured I had to do something different. Since there is a beautiful sandy beach within walking distance from our lake house, I figured why not have our "lake house" look like a "beach house"? I may not be able to see the beach, but at least I'll know I'm close by and can still feel like I'm "at the beach" or "on vacation" when I'm inside!

We're going to begin a total renovation of our "beach house" beginning in late August and Pinterest has absolutely been a good source of inspiration for Greg and I. I'm not the type of person who can instantly visualize what a room or house will look like. I like to see pictures and drawings. This is where pinterest has been a huge help. My thinking is that we'll have the main area of the house painted in a pale gray (my new favorite neutral) and hopefully we can find some cool "beachy" flooring. Then, I'll accent with pops of turquoise and orange, along with some lush greenery. (I'd love some actual palm leaves if anyone wants to mail me some!

With that being said, here is the board I curated on Pinterest with ideas for our "beach house"!


BrittanyLevesque said...

Great colors, I'm sure it will be beautiful! Brittany

LaKeta said...

OMGOSH!!!! I am totally addicted and in LOVE with Pinterest!!!! I have the free app on my phone and needless to say I can't stay away from it:) So many great ideas on there...I've been noticing your "beach house"!!!

Kendra said...

I love your ideas, it all sounds and looks great! I signed up and registered but have yet to do anything on my board, hopefully soon.