Wednesday, July 13, 2011

15 Months Old!

I'm not gonna say it, I'm not gonna say it, I'm not gonna say it. Oh, who are we kidding? I can't believe how much Parker is growing! There! I said it! Parker's 14th month was jam-packed with lots of fun and exciting things. First and foremost, he had his SECOND hair cut! He did so much better with the whole experience this time, which made it easier!

Here is my little man before:

And here he is after, complete with his very first SUCKER!!

He also got to spend a lot of quality time with his Aunt Sheila and his cousins James and Magdalene who were visiting from China.

He is becoming a little monkey! He frequently climbs into this all by himself!

He spent a long weekend at his Grams house in Oklahoma and while we were there we went to one of my favorite places: Wintersmith Park in Ada, OK. It was there that he got to take his first train ride!

He got to meet two of his great aunts: Great Aunt Dottie and Great Aunt Alice. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of him with his Great Aunt Alice (How did that happen?) but here he is with his Great Aunt Dottie:

This is just one of my favorite pics I snapped of him at his Grams house. Who could resist that sweet smile and kissable cheeks?

Remember how I mentioned he is turning into a monkey? Here is more proof!

Of course we still like to take trips to the beach when we stay at our lake house. It's amazing how much even that event is changing. At first I could sit him down on the edge of the water and he was content to let the waves roll up his legs. The past two times we've been he has been more of an explorer. He will happily walk around in the water or the sand and I have to keep an eagle eye on him. The water doesn't seem to phase him at all.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but he loves anything with a steering wheel! Typical toddler! We have been taking more of the "big" toys we have had in storage down to the lake house when we go and it's so cute how quickly he learns how to master the toys. This is his new favorite toy and he loves to be pulled around on it.

I'm still working on sign language with him, but he hasn't mastered any new words. My sister had him signing "please" for a day but I haven't had any luck with it myself. He loves when we help him drink out of a real cup and he also likes it when we give him a sip from our water bottle.

As far as food goes I gave up the "baby food" a few months ago but forgot to write about that! He loves fruit, goldfish, and BEANS! LOL! Pinto beans, red beans, black eyed peas, you name it he loves it!

He has become quite inventive this past month as well. He has learned that if he uses the handle of a broom, or his toy hoe, that he can knock whatever he wants off of a table onto the floor. He also likes to use the handles to pull down paperwork I have magneted to the fridge. Needless to say, his toy hoe is now only used outside and I try to hide the broom as best as I can.

As of this past week he is starting to play in the bathtub more. Before he would just stand there and bang on the wall or play with the spout. Now he is actually splashing the water and showing a little bit of interest to his water toys.

Speaking of toys, his favorite toy is....a STRAW! A straw can entertain him for quite awhile!

He knows what his belly button is! And he has a word for it! He calls it his "ba ba" and he'll pat his belly or raise his shirt. Now I'm trying to teach him "nose"!

I know that Parker has recently had a growth spurt because I noticed that his footed pajamas are now a little too fitted and stretched out. However, he is still in 12 mo. clothes. If I put 18 mo. clothes on him, the bottoms fall off and the shirts almost come to his knees! We also bought him his second pair of shoes yesterday because he has outgrown the first pair.

With that being said, I have no idea how much he weighs (I don't have a pair of scales at the cabin) or how tall he is, so check back next week and hopefully I will be able to get those measurements this weekend. Until then, enjoy the pictures I took today at a vintage ferris wheel on someones property here in Jacksboro.

I am 15 months old today!!!


Brad said...

Cute pics, Felicia! Love the Ferris Wheel ones. So much of that sounds like Grant and, the parts that don't, I'm sure will soon enough!!

Kendra said...

OMG! I cannot believe how big he is getting and looking. He is so handsome! All the pictures are so great. The pictures of his exploring crack me up, the bottom shelf of the pantry cleared.

Dana said...
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