Wednesday, June 15, 2011

14 Months Old!

Parker turned 14 months old on Monday! My little boy is really starting to develop quite the personality. Everyone comments on how friendly he is, which I love. He constantly breaks out in a huge GRIN and he loves to wave at people. One thing we've begun to notice is that he loves to wave at cars as they drive by. I have no idea where he learned that from, but it's so precious!

I mentioned before that Parker loves going outside. Its gone one step further this past month. Now, whenever he is in the mood to go outside, he will come to me, grab my hand, and actually pull me to the door. He also recently began saying "outside". It sounds very much like "all done" but I can tell what he means.

I was finally brave enough to take Parker to the beach by our lake house. He sat at the waters edge and was content to let the waves roll up his legs. I'm looking forward to many more trips to the beach now!

Another first time lake activity was taking him out on the boat for the first time. That was quite interesting! He acted like he couldn't walk with his life jacket on so he was pretty upset. Then, I got a crash course in driving the boat because he only wanted his dada to hold him. We've gone out on the boat again and he did fine for the first part and the second half was only good if Greg was holding him. It's quite the event to take him on the boat but I hope that the more we expose him to it, the easier it will become!

We took him to his first parade one night. Luckily it was his first one so he didn't know how lousy it was! It was seriously over in ten minutes, and that's only because the tractors that lead the parade (Yup, you read that right) were a little bit faster than the horses that had the rodeo queens on top of them. in a small town.

This past Saturday, Parker even got to go to his first concert! I'll blog more about that in another post.

I am 14 months old! I weigh 24 pounds and am 28 1/2" tall when measured standing up!


Kendra said...

He is so stinkin' cute and handsome!
And I agree with you, the more he is taken on the boat, the more he will become accustomed to it. The parade story cracked up up!

hapi said...

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