Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Card Drama....Again!

Some of you may remember the Christmas card drama I had a few years ago. Well, go figure, two years later I'd have some drama again.

I did a Christmas photo shoot with Parker with intentions of using one of the pictures on our Christmas cards this year. The pictures turned out fairly well and off I went to upload our 2010 Christmas cards onto I knew they would be arriving any day now so I was super excited when I heard the UPS man pull up to my house. I was in the middle of nursing Parker but I know from experience that UPS will leave packages on my front porch. As soon as I was finished nursing I quickly ran downstairs and retrieved my package.

As I tore open the box like a little kid I couldn't help but feel a quick flutter of excitement! I knew this year I wouldn't have the same problem as I did the year before. I pulled one of the pictures out of the box to do a quick once-over when I quickly let out a cry of horror. There it was. Plain as day. I spelt my son's name wrong.

I probably wouldn't be too upset were this not my son's very first Christmas. Especially since his sweet little face is the only person pictured on the card. I even planned on placing one of the cards in his baby book. How will my little boy look back as he's older and be able to see how excited I am to celebrate his first Christmas with him when I sent out a Christmas card calling him, "Parer"?


Sheila said...

Just have one made with is name spelled right for the book. All will be okay.
Love ya,

Jennifer Ortega said...

Oh man!!!! That stinks!!!! Do you have a Walgreens or does the Walmart have a photo center? I got our done at Walgreens and they were ready in 30 minutes and you can do it online also. I have done it on and picked them up shortly there also.

Kendra said...

Walgreens and Wal-Mart can get them done in about an hour or just have one made specifically for his baby book. I am sorry, I understand totally.

PennyCandy said...

Bummer but not the end of the world all of the above suggestions are great.

Brad said...

When I saw that, I knew it had to drive you crazy! It's so disappointing when those kind of things happen!