Saturday, January 9, 2010

100th Post

Today is a landmark! I finally reached my 100th post! Go me! As you can tell from the date though, the eager beaver in me has been working on this list for quite some time because I thought I would reach this point in my blog a lot sooner! Oh well! So, here's 100 random things about me! Enjoy!

1. My name means Happy
2. I love wearing fake flowers in my hair!
3. I would be a happy camper if I could attend a yoga class every single day.
4. I'm pretty sure I've never been kissed under the mistletoe.
5. I have a bachelors degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Retail Merchandising.
6. My husband and I literally met on a street corner.
7. In college, I had the coolest beta fish named Sushi. She would literally jump for her food. No lie!
8. I love seafood.
9. I didn't change my first diaper until I was 26.
10. I have a huge weakness for popcorn. Once I start, I can't stop!
11. I can only swim if I know my feet can touch the bottom. Otherwise I completely freak out!
12. I want to get invisalign or braces before I turn 30.
13. My husband and I have flipped three houses.
14. I'm trying to learn about the stock market.
15. I can french braid my own hair, but not someone Else's.
16. I have an extremely weak stomach when it comes to seeing blood. I discovered this my senior year in high school. I had the opportunity to watch a live open heart surgery and literally had to quit watching because I thought I was going to pass out. Then, the same year, I was the typical "girl" who threw up in front of my entire biology class while we were dissecting frogs.
17. Thanks to the dynamics of step-families, my husband and I have a whopping 18 nieces and nephews combined (2 of who are older than me! lol!).
18. I've never been to a chiropractor.
19. I had lasik surgery and now have 20/15 vision!
20. I love hosting parties! Be it bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, etc!
21. I collect crystal. (Fifth Avenue "Portico" in case anyone is curious!)
22. I'm pretty dog prejudice. I have certain breeds that I like, other than that, I'd prefer to cuddle with a cat!
23. My parents didn't allow me to wear make-up in high school. (Of course my friends would sneak me their reject mascara and powder).
24. When someone I know gets married, the girl in me always hopes that I'll be a bridesmaid. It doesn't matter to me if we're very close or not, I always hope they just need someone as an "extra". My husband says I'm a freak, but I just want to wear a pretty dress and get my hair and make-up done!
25. I love MAC make-up.
26. I am pretty good with a map and have a fairly keen sense of direction.
27. I love calling to win prizes from radio stations! (And yes, I've actually won several things, including tickets to Jessica Simpson and Kid Rock live in concert)
28. One of my favorite places is Wintersmith Park in Ada, OK.
29. I love singing along to the "" commercials!
30. I actually think it's fun to roll coins into wrappers.
31. I regret not hiring a professional photographer for my wedding.
32. Along those same lines, I love looking at photography and reading photography blogs. However, I don't think I could ever be a professional photographer because I just don't have that "eye" if you know what I mean.
33. I sold Avon in college as a "side job" but am pretty sure I never actually made any money with everything that I bought.
34. I paid my own way through college and it killed me when I had to take out a student loan to pay for my last two semesters. (Luckily I paid it off a few years ago when we flipped one of the houses I mentioned above!)
35. I love going to dance recitals.
36. I've never been in a car wreck while I have been behind the wheel.
37. I have to sleep holding a pillow. If I am someplace where there is only one pillow available, I will sacrifice having one under my head just so I can hold it!
38. I lived in Oklahoma for most of my life and have never seen an actual tornado.
39. I don't know how I ever cleaned before the invention of Clorox Wipes.
40. Along those same lines, my husband is the one who showed me the proper way to clean a toilet.
41. I absolutely love movie trailers. I'm really frustrated if we actually go to the movies and I've missed all of them.
42. I am a fan of sunscreen! It surprises me that people don't know that one can still get a tan while wearing sunscreen.
43. I have to have a recipe to cook by. I'm not one of those people who can just throw something together and it tastes amazing.
44. I don't hold my pen the "right" way.
45. I used to be afraid of the oven.
46. I have never been camping. (I don't think our 5th wheel counts).
47. The thing that Greg and I argue the most about is the temperature. I am always cold!
48. When I was little my hands were always calloused because I spent so much time playing on the monkey bars!
49. I have never been able to do the splits. And believe me; I was always trying!
50. My 10 year high school reunion was last year. Unfortunately, we didn't bother having a reunion.
51. I fully support adopting a pet from an animal shelter rather than paying a breeder.
52. My mom made me learn how to type when I was in elementary school.
53. I've never had a flu shot and have never had the flu!
54. I really enjoy driving around and looking at houses.
55. My dream car is the Chrysler 300C.
56. I am pathetically addicted to facebook.
57. I never used to be the typical "shoe" girl, but as I'm getting older I'm beginning to appreciate their awesomeness. I wish I could buy a new pair every week.
58. One of my favorite stores is Ross. I just never know what I'm going to find there.
59. I think my husband and his father make the best bar-b-que, hands down!
60. I listen to the radio all the time and love singing along if I think no one can really hear me.
61. I have always been told that I look younger than my age, but that I act older than my age.
62. I love to read.
63. I used to be scared of clowns. In fact, I still think Ronald McDonald is super frightening to look at.
64. My favorite color changes about every five years. Current fave: green
65. I really want to learn how to write in calligraphy. I even have a book and am trying to teach myself, but since I don't hold my pen "right" to begin with, it kind of hurts my wrist.
66. I am a control freak and honestly would rather do tasks by myself.
67. I have no clue how to drive a standard. I've had two different people try to teach me and both times were pretty disastrous.
68. All of the TV shows that I like to watch are "reality" TV shows.
69. I have always wanted a tattoo but can't seem to commit to one.
70. I have an amazing friend in Germany that I email at least once a week, if not more!
71. I can easily waste away hours playing Mahjong on the computer.
72. I used to love hula-hooping! Hmm....
73. I don't really like candy; I prefer an actual dessert!
74. Going with the dessert theme; I prefer whipped cream instead of ice cream on hot desserts!
75. I would love to one day host a foreign exchange student.
76. I'm going through a phase where I want to wear dresses all the time...but have no place to wear them!
77. Hubby and I have to sleep with a noise maker on. We don't go on a trip without it!
78. I've taken a liking to wearing fake eyelashes. Hey, if all the stars can do it, why can't I?
79. I always order my lattes and cappuccinos decaf.
80. I love garage sales! Things I look for at them include: jewelry, books, and home decor.
81. I hate driving in the rain.
82. I don't really like the sight of kids running around in just a diaper.
83. Unlike most women my age, I actually don't mind wearing pantyhose.
84. I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke. Yuck!
85. I avoid parallel parking at all cost.
86. I can make a darn good cosmopolitan.
87. I tend to be a little intimidated by people who have strong opinions about...everything. I'm more of a "go with the flow" "let me live in my own little world" type of person.
88. I am scared to death of spiders. Just thinking about them gives me goose bumps!
89. I love to make lists! Such as: my menu for the week, grocery list, to do list, etc.
90. I think no one can sing a love song quite like Bon Jovi!
91. Runny egg yolks make me want to gag. I typically stick with egg whites if I have to eat an egg for breakfast.
92. I always dread going to the post office. I haven't quite figured out why, though.
93. I really think that couples should be together at least a year before they get married.
94. Remember those 3D posters that were so popular in the 90's? I was never able to see the pictures in them.
95. I cannot stand HGTV. Mainly because my husband can watch it 24/7.
96. I will probably never understand why some married couples have separate checking accounts.
97. I am absolutely horrible at math. The calculator was invented just for me.
98. My favorite holidays are the Fourth of July and Halloween!
99. My high school graduating class consisted of a whopping 12 people.
100. It was extremely hard for me to think of 100 things to write about myself. I literally worked on this list from January through October.


Nora said...

Argh, I love #70 :-) Thank you! I wished I had been there for #16. It would have been more fun with you than Joe, T and Kris ;-) Oh, and I never ever saw thse stupid 3D pics either!
Big kiss!

PennyCandy said...

Congrats on your 100th post. How did you know you had hit 100? Did you count them or do you have a counter?

I liked your 100 things about you, I knew about 50 of them. So I liked the ones I didn't know.

Felicia said...

Nora-Your welcome! And I do wish you could have been in my class...oh well!

B-That's pretty cool that you already knew half of them! ;) And if you look on your dashboard whenever you go to write a post, right above where you click "new post" it tells you how many posts you have done. Hope that helps!

HeidiTri's said...

Congrats on 100 posts!
I think you might have missed your calling as a wedding planner.
Photography, flowers, planning's all there!

Felicia said...

OMG, believe it or not Heidi that is one of my absolute dream jobs! Or just a party planner in general. Or even to have my own wedding chapel! So thanks!

Sheila said...

Flea, B and I have said time and again that we should do weddings after our hubbies are finished working their jobs. ; )
You did see a tornado but yu were very little, under a year. LOL
Just wait until Parker is here and it's hot this summer, diaper alone and less laundry will be looking good to you! LOL