Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Newbie Kit

The other day I visited Sidney's local Chamber of Commerce. I went in to see if they had any brochures about Cheyenne, WY, or anything else that might spark my interest. When the lady who was working there asked if I was new in town, I told her I was. She then said, "Let me get a newcomers packet for you". I just said OK and didn't really think anything about it. I wandered around some and when she handed the packet to me she explained what some of the items were and pointed out that there were some coupons in there to help me get acquainted with some of the local businesses. I waited until I got home before I "dove in" to check everything out. Let me tell ya...newcomers packets are awesome! There were so many cool coupons in there! Everything else just faded into the background as I poured over all the savings! Here are my top favorite coupons:

* 1/4 lb of free fudge at the local pharmacy (Of course I already used it, and of course we already ate it. I'm forcing myself not to walk back into that store.)

*$4 off admission at the movie theatre! (We watched Land of the Lost, which was pretty dumb, but the popcorn was amazing! Please note, this is why dieting is not easy for me...I'm so easily tempted by things like popcorn and fudge).

*10% off at the book store. I can already hear the cracking of the binding as I open my 7th Harry Potter book. (I'm almost finished with the sixth book! Wow, that means the 6th Harry Potter movie will be the the first one I watch in which I've actually read the book first!)

*$4 off a pedicure at the community college's school of cosmetology. Aren't school pedicures cheap enough as it is??? Which reminds me, I should really be booking that appointment instead of blogging.


PennyCandy said...

I think small town welcome kits have better stuff. When we moved here we got a coupon for a dozen free eggs and a video from the local Baptist Church.

mom to 3 boys! said...

I LOVE newcomer kits!! They are the best! When I first came to Weatherford for college they gave all the students one and THEN when I married and realized that I was staying I went and got another since we would actually be residents of the town and not just the college! It's all a technicality!
Anywho, I am so happy that you are liking the new destination! Go book that pedi!!

HeidiTri's said...

Cool!! If I come visit, can I pretend to be a newcomer? I'll share the fudge with you (a little of it anyway!)

And- YAY for reading HP! DO you like them?

Nora said...

What do you mean, whenever you move to a new place, you get a welcome kit? Why in the world? We don't have that here, what a sucker! I want $4 off my pedicure, plus I want a place where they do cheap pedis ;-) But it sounds awesome, I have to keep that in mind... Go to Cheyenne and try the same! LOL

Felicia said...

Wow! I'm glad everyone else likes Newcomers Packets as well.
B-the Ft. Worth area needs a reality check! lol!
K-I love that you got yours twice!
H-Of course you can! And if we come to Albany, I'll do the same! And....I started the HP books a couple years ago. I like them, but I'm not die hard about them like I am some other authors. Meaning, when I read them, I enjoy them, but I can read 50 pages one day, and then not pick the book up again for a week or two. I love the movies though!
N-Does Germany have chamber of commerce? If so, they probably have newcomer kits! And, have you ever checked school of cosmetology to see how much their services are? It's usually so cheap, but be patient b/c it's students. They usually do a good job b/c they get graded on it. I've got my nails done at them several times but this will be my first pedicure!

Sheila said...

I remember we got s kit at the Court House when we filed to get married. It had laundry soap and a few other things in it. Wendy got one when she got married and it had the cutest little bottle of Dawn in it. I got to have it for my apartment. I had it in the trailer in my bathroom. Andy throw it out not knowing how important that little botttle was. So I had to go buy a travel bottle to fill with dish soap when we go on trips since I take all the kids foodwear stuff with us. Silly man.
I need to remember to call Lisa when I get home to see what cool thinks they have in Ardmore's.