Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Begining to Look a lot like Christmas!

I'm sure some of you saw the title and though, "Uh, we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet!" But, I was inspired by my friend Krissy's post! Recently a couple emails floated across my screen from different family members who mentioned that stores are already playing Christmas music and that neighbors are already decorating their homes for Christmas. They weren't too happy about it because they felt it was "too early". But, now I must confess, I have already decorated for Christmas! And I downloaded my fave Christmas song (a song I can't even spell that's performed by the Trans Siberian Orchestra) to use as my ringtone wayyyy back in October!

But before you start thinking I'm some Christmas fanatic, let me give you a glimpse of what my past two Christmases have been like:

2006-We were in the process (as usual) of remodeling our house. When we moved in in January we ripped ALL the flooring out of the house. We carpeted the back part of the house but knew we wanted wood floors in our living/dining/kitchen. I don't know if any of you have bought wood flooring recently, but it's not exactly the cheapest stuff in the world to purchase. Needless to say we walked around on the concrete slab for well over a year. And there was no way I was getting my tree out and my pretty tree skirt to leave on the yucky concrete floor. Not to mention all the dust we were constantly creating from sanding down our kitchen cabinet doors and the fact that Greg was building cabinets for our master bathroom and walk in closet.

2007-We had just sold our house the month before and were living full time in our *tiny* trailer. There was absolutely no room for any type of Christmas decor. I did manage to hang a Christmas swag type thingie on our front door, but after Greg discovered it was scratching the fiber glass it was quickly trashed.

Fast-forward to the present: 2008-Two weeks ago Greg was with me at Wal-Mart (this normally wouldn't happen, but my truck was in the shop, remember?) and HE said, "Should we maybe look at Christmas decorations to hang up in the trailer". My first thought was, "Who just possessed my husband?" which was quickly followed by, "Well, I better strike while the irons hot!" So our cute lil trailer now has festive garland hung in various places with miniature stockings, mini red bulbs, and mini gold icicles! I am containing my excitement just a lil by not changing my ringtone on my phone until Thanksgiving if that makes any of you feel better!


Nora said...

First: I want pictures of the trailer, no Christmas so far here.
Second: Where did you download the songs? I haven't found any yet... My Christmas ringtone for years has been All I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey....

PennyCandy said...

Well I feel like a bah humbug. I do not listen to Christmas music before December 5th. I never change my ring tone to match the season. We don't decorate outside anymore; my way of saving electricity. We don't put up decorations until the 2nd weekend in December. You must be way more cheerful than I am these days. Maybe I should come visit you to get in the spirit. I can't wait to see pictures I'm sure the trailer looks great all decked out.

Lanae Photography said...

hey ditto! I want to see some pics of the decorated trailer! Bring it!

Felicia said...

Well, you will all have to wait awhile before I post pics. And....I hope you're not disappointed! I mean, it's not TOO decked out! But good enough for me!

Nora, I have no idea about downloading, I was just playing with my new phone. You know I'm technology challenged! And feel lucky b/c I wanted Mariah's song and couldn't find it!

Belinda, I'm sorry you have the bah-hum bugs! Hopefully my post inspired you just a lil bit!

HeidiTri's said...

Good for you!! I think you should decorate as early as you want! The only reason I don't go all out, si that I don't like having to take everything down!We do make it a tradition to have the tree up the wekend before Kenzies birthday-She likes it that way!

KrissyBo. said...

Aww, I'm totally in the Christmas spirit way early this year too! I try to hold off until the weekend of Thanksgiving to deck the house out, but it's hard! Especially this year since I have a normal sized tree (sorry).

That is sooo cute that your hubby suggested early Christmas decor!! :) Way to jump on it! ;) I can't wait to see pics, this should be super cute! :)