Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Body Shop at Home

So....I'm super excited! I have recently signed up to be a The Body Shop at Home consultant. That's right, The Body Shop has a direct sales division. It's a pretty new division of the store, so I'm super excited about this. Not to mention I absolutely love The Body Shop products. If you are not familiar with The Body Shop, they are basically like Bath & Body Works, but the difference is that they are 100% organic, use recycled goods to package their products, and use community trade for many of their natural ingredients. I have a website so if you would like to place orders, the link is (A big thanks to Krissy for teaching me how to make a link!) Christmas is right around the corner, so hopefully this will make shopping a little easier! Also, I will host Girls Nite Out spa parties where gals (and guys) can pamper their selves with The Body Shop's amazing products. And guys, I'm sure you have at least one special gal in your life that you occasionally need to buy a present for! :) I'm trying to keep this short and sweet, so if you have any questions, feel free to let me know! I've also created a blog just for my new business, which I'll be revealing at a later time! That way I won't bore all my faithful readers with info on The Body Shop if they don't want to read it! Thanks for your support!!!

****OK, so I just posted this, and when I clicked on my website link, it said the blog wasn't found. So, if anyone can tell me what to do to fix this, that would be great!!! I still appreciate the initial info Krissy!*****

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Brandi said...

Pssst! You've been tagged:

And as far as your link, it's got "" in front of the actual link. If you go back into your post and highlight the words, then click the link button, you can delete the blogger part out of your link and it should work properly. Basically, it should say:

Hope this helps!