Friday, August 1, 2008

Blackberry Blues

My husband and I are both rockin' out some pretty old phones. I never used to care. I promise. But Greg's is pretty rough. Some of his buttons fall off, occassionally he can't view his screen, etc., etc. So we decided it was time for his free upgrade. Off to the AT&T store we go! Well, go figure, I decide I need to upgrade my phone as well. And of course, Greg decides he'll keep his. *sigh* After being in there about an hour with an impatient sales associate explaining the benefits and features of a BlackBerry vs. an iPhone I finally settled on a BlackBerry. I immediately had visions in my head of me chatting and texting away on my new trendy phone! Yay!

Then, the sales associate gets this "look" on his face while he's ringing us up. It appeared that he could still sell us the phone, but not for any discount because our cell phones have been "flagged". Great. Basically that meant that since we've been in lovely Lamar, we have been roaming. And granted we get free roaming, but apparently we are costing AT&T too much money. He said that his records showed that 60% of the time we are roaming and therefore would eventually be getting a letter stating that they are discontinuing our service. This REALLY sucks because most of our family and all the friends that I talk to the most are AT&T. We asked when we would be getting this letter and the sales associate said it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. And then once we get the letter it's because they are sending it to let us know we have a month or so until they cut us off.

We left the store utterly discouraged. I mean, we'll be moving in a few months, and probably to a town that has AT&T. The sales associate suggested calling AT&T and explaining our situation. But I think that will just speed up the letter sending process. So our bright idea is to cheat the system. I am trying not to talk on my cell phone. After 2 weeks I think Greg has decided to heck with it and he's talking away again. But I'm sticking to my guns. Despite the fact that I've told both my sister and best friend that I'm not going to answer my phone and they keep calling me (love you both!) only to hear my lovely voicemail. The other way we plan on cheating the system involves going to Colorado Springs every other weekend and talking on our phones as much as possible. OK, so we were planning on going to Springs anyway because we love it, so this just helps our plan! And if we happen to plug both of our phones into our chargers and then accidentally call each other and leave the lines open all night long...well, that should only help our ratios, right???

On a brighter note, I noticed my friend Randy gave a shout out to me in his blog! So right back at ya Randy man!!!!


Jennifer said...

I like your blog idea since I can't talk to you anymore. So you didn't get to get new phones at all. I actually got a new phone last week, I had that Nokia music phone and my big butt sat on it and broke the screen. So I got the new Nokia music phone. I love it. Well when you can try to call me or something.

Happy said...

I have T-mobile and I highly recommend them. I have to say I've never had a problem with them, although I did get a $300 phone bill for all the calls I made while I was overseas. But at least my phone worked there!

Kathy Young said...

Anything that keeps you from getting a Blackberry is unacceptable!

Felicia said...

Oh Kathy, I agree!!!

Jennifer, I promise I'll call you! It may be in a few months though...LOL! Or when I'm in the springs!

Happy-That's great that T-Mobile worked for you overseas! But I think Greg had a bad experience with them so I doubt we'll be going that route any time soon! Thanks for the suggestion though!

R K M said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I've bookmarked your site, as you suggested, and promise to check in from time to time. While I understand your frustration at not getting a BlackBerry I offer one caution: they are highly, HIGHLY addictive! If you'd like, I'm happy to loan you mine sometime but you will have to respond to all my work emails too! :-)
Hope Greg is well. -Randy

Doohickie said...

Hi Felicia, this is Paul. Belinda will be posting anonymously shortly. ;-)

Sheila said...

Now, in all fairness, I call and leave a message so you can hear my voice, even if I can't talk to you. : )
Just remember we miss you and our hour long chats a few times a week. Good thing Greg just let you come here for a few days.

As for the phone, you'll live until you can gat it. We should have used your phone more while you were here to rake up some usage though.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I love the new house and it doesn't even look like a RV from the inside. I thought you had purchased a house.


Jessica said...

So, I thought I would comment on the whole Blackberry thing. Me and Tim both got one, and I completely HATED mine. I ended up trading someone for a MotoRokr I think. Tim hates his blackberry also. They aren't all they are cracked up to be. I had a lot of problems with mine, not sure what the deal was, but I hated it. I was all excited to possibly have a "COOL" phone, but it wasn't that cool.

Felicia said...

Thanks for the info Jess! I honestly was excited about it because it had an mp3 player (but I got an iPod for my birthday so now I don't care!) and I figured it would be easier to text, as well as being able to get online if I needed too! But who knows what will happen now!