Monday, September 10, 2012

Toddler Tales

For those of you who semi-regularly read my blog, you may have noticed that I'm no longer doing my monthly posts about Parker.  I figured blogging every single month for the first two years of his life was a pretty good achievement!  But, I want to blog a few things that he's doing so that when I want to reminisce about his life as a two year old, I'll have a few milestones written down.  Because basically once you become a mommy your brain turns to mush.  I'm not kidding. are some pretty neat things that Parker (who is 2 years and almost 5 months old) is doing:

1.  He is dressing himself. Sometimes when he is finished I'll have to tell him his shirt or his shorts are on backwards, but for the most part he wants to dress himself! 
2.  He can count to ten!  I don't really get to take credit for this and have day care to thank.  He won't count on command, he basically has to want to count, or if I nonchalantly start counting he may chime in.  He will often skip the number four, but I'm not going to nag him about it.  Yet.
3.  He can feed the dog.  To be honest, I have to monitor this, because if it were up to Parker, Shady would have a dog bowl that would be filled to the brim each meal.  I'm sure Shady wouldn't complain though!
4.  He can open the fridge.  Lucky for me, he only usually does it when he knows I'm about to make him a glass of juice.  I think it's about time I move the wine bottles to the upper shelves...note to self!
5.  He can drink from a cup!  Granted, I still give him sippy cups 99% of the time just because I don't want to have to constantly clean spills.
6.  He also knows how to fill up his cup (or his toys) with water from the refrigerator.  Luckily, that does have a lock option!
7.  He knows how to wash his own hands!  He loves climbing up onto the bathroom counter to turn the faucet on.  He doesn't use soap if I let him wash by his self, and he can't reach the bathroom light, or the bathroom hand towel, but we are making baby steps in the right direction!
8.  He tries to read to himself.  I have often caught him in the act of flipping through a book that I had recently read to him and he will flip the pages and say things that pertain to the page.  His most often quoted book is "no monkeys jumping on the bed!".  He loves being read too!
9.  This has nothing to do with developmental growth, but he finally loves wearing hats!  And bandannas, too!
10.  I recently purchased flash cards and he loves telling me what objects are on the cards.
11.  His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds!

He normally turns his hat around and wears it backwards.
Parker's favorite things are:  going to the beach, boat rides, whistles, running, being read too, Caillou, the movie Cars, fruit, balls, Frisbee's, playing with other kids, sunglasses (although if you ask him where his sunglasses are he will tell you that they are in the lake.  Which is true.), playing "wakeboard" (this is where he pretends he is wakeboarding...his daddy couldn't have been more proud!), and suckers!

This was captured the first time I over-heard him reading to his self.

Hard at play.

He loves sitting next to his daddy on the boat.

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Kendra said...

those pictures are precious!! What great achievements, go Parker!!