Monday, July 30, 2012

Parker's 2nd Birthday Party

Parker's 2nd Birthday Party was over three months ago and I'm just now blogging about it...which is proof that the two's keep a working mom BUSY!  I showed my inspiration for his party on this post.  Here's how the party turned out:

Party favors!  The train shaped crayons were purchased at Red Elm Designs.

Snack Station.

Marshmellows AKA Choo Choo Smoke!

Choo Choo Fuel was delicious Almond Tea Punch.

The party favor bags.

His custom birthday shirt made by Great Stitch

The concrete was slightly damp, so my train tracks didn't last through the afternoon :(

Parker's train birthday cake made by my friends from Two Sweet Sisters

Playing with one of his favorite cousins, Hillarie.

Enjoying a piece of choo-choo smoke!

Present time!

He was going through a major train phase, and he loved this travel sized Thomas the Train!

Where's my cake?  I'm ready!

The wonder in his eyes speaks volumes!

Trying hard to blow out his birthday candles.

Enjoying his first bite!

Dig in, everyone!

Cake brings everyone together!

Hitching a ride from his friend, Braxton.

Outside play time at its finest!

Trying out his new toys.

These two cousins are crazy about each other!

Post Birthday Party Dinner:  He was beyond tired and wouldn't even eat!


Kendra said...

Fun train party!! I love the choo choo smoke and Parker's tee and the track sidewalk, it all looked great!!

stevenjared0853 said...

Parker's 2nd Birthday Party looks awesome. The tiny toddlers are looking extremely happy in this party. Even I am planning Easter themed party for my son’s birthday so will book the outdoor venue NYC where I can get enough space to accommodate all our family members and his friends.