Saturday, January 14, 2012

21 Months Old

This past month my little boy has become an imitating sponge!  We have noticed a BIG change in Parker developmentally these past few weeks.  It's quite amazing actually!  Here are some of the awesome things he's begun doing:

  • He makes animal sounds for:  horse, cow, sheep, goat, cat, dog, pig, and duck.
  • If you ask him what a train says he'll say, "Choo-Choo!"
  • He began nodding his head yes.
  • He imitates things that we do.  Sometimes we do silly stuff on purpose because we know he'll do it too!
  • He now tries to repeat words back to us. 
  • New words that I can think of are:  down (I don't really like that word though because he always says it when he wants out of his high chair or out of our grasp!), ready, fork (ork), spoon (ewn), elbow (belbow), that, plane (lane), bed (be), cow, horse (hor), turtle, room (roo), play (pay)
  • He is trying to learn how to jump.  He's quite good at it on our bed!
  • He began using his step stool at the bathroom sink.  He loves placing it in front of the vanity and then back in it's spot where it belongs when he's finished.
  • He can put together a wooden puzzle with not much help.  Sometimes I'll have to say, "turn it around" and he does what I tell him.

It astounds me how much he really knows.  Sometimes I will ask him a question and he'll answer me or point at what I'm talking about.  I'm always shocked that he knows what I'm telling him.  Those of you who are seasoned mothers are probably laughing at me right about now!

This past month we also celebrated Christmas.  I wanted to post a blog about it, but time got away from me.  He totally grasped the concept of unwrapping a present and he had a blast with it.  One of his favorite gifts was a singing dancing snowman.  He loved pressing the button to make it dance and he would run around the room and dance along with it.  He also received a Little People Runway that he loves playing with.

Speaking of playing, he has very recently grasped the concept of being able to play in his room with his toys.  His Grams was here the past few days and I would constantly hear him tell her, "roo.  pay."  He desperately wanted her in his room playing with him!

He loves having simple tasks to perform.  I can say to him, "go put this in your room/mommy's room."  And he will!  He loves to help me load the washer as well and he likes it when I make my bed (mainly because he climbs up on it and falls onto the pillows).

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating, my little guy loves to DANCE!!!  He can shake his hips like you wouldn't believe!  I have it on video and hopefully I can upload a video on here soon.  It's a hoot!

Parker has always had the most amazing eyes.  When he was born they were a dark navy blue.  Eventually they turned to a shade of gray.  Now I'm fairly certain that they are actually GREEN!  They are really different than any eye color I've ever seen before.  They are beautiful!

He got his 4th hair cut.  And the hair dresser totally botched it.  It was so dark in the house (yup, you read that right) that I took him too that I didn't notice how crappy of a job it was until I was in some better light.  I know not to let her near his hair again.  At least in pictures it doesn't look bad!
I think I may have touched on this issue on my last post about Parker, but he has become quite the expert at throwing tantrums.  If he doesn't get his way he will let you know fast.  He bursts into tears and will hold his hands up and if I don't pick him up he doubles over at the waist and is down on the ground on all fours.  In a crazy way they're kind of cute.

To make up for all those tantrums, he does some pretty cute things.  For instance, he'll pick up a book and as he's flipping through the pages he says, "read, read, read, read".  I guess he's really "reading" his book!

I am 21 months old.  I weigh 25 pounds and am 31 1/2" tall!

Full of mischief!

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Kendra said...

He is so stinkin' adorable! And no laughing from me, it's amazing what little ones can do at such a young age. It's fascinating. I was elated and sounded just like you with my #4!
His eyes are stunning!