Tuesday, September 28, 2010

China Cabinet

About a month ago we (meaning Greg) finally took the time to refurbish the china cabinet we found through Craigslist! Here's a shot of it "before".

Pretty old fashioned if you ask me. Our original plan was to paint it black, and then scuff it up to give it a rugged look. In my mind I loved how the wire work on the glass doors were going to give it an almost Gothic look. I thought that would be pretty neat with my crystal I plan on displaying on the shelves.

However, Greg convinced me that we should just do away with the doors altogether. Mainly because it was going to be extra work for him! Ha, ha! But after thinking about it, I decided he was right. The cabinet does not have lights on the inside and since crystal is clear I wasn't sure if anyone would really be able to see it through the doors. So, away they went!

The other thing that surprised me was after it was painted black, we decided not to scuff it up! I just thought it had a kind of elegant look and we decided scuffing it up could always be done in a few years if we get tired of how it looks then! So, here it is, complete with some of my crystal! What do ya think?


HeidiTri's said...

Very nice! I was wondering if you had redone this yet.

Sheila said...

I LVOE it! I won't scuff it up at all, looks so classy!

Kendra said...

what a transformation!! I think it looks fantastic!!