Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sesame Chicken, How I Love You So!

For the five of you who regularly read my blog, I figured ya'll might get a kick out of Part Two of my sesame chicken cravings. As you know from the post below, I was left defeated when it came down to crunch time and was unable to satisfy my gnawing hunger pains for the yummy Chinese entree. Well, let me tell ya, things didn't get much better. On April 1st I remembered that the restaurant was finally open for business again! I begged Greg for us to go and he begrudgingly agreed (he likes the other Chinese restaurant much better, but like I said, their sesame chicken is spicy. Gross.) Now, as you know, my husband works as a wind turbine technician. That means the wind blows pretty good here in the little ole' town of Lamar. That day was no exception with wind gusts of up to 80 MPH (yes, this information is relevant to my story. I promise.)

We pulled up to the restaurant and there were surprisingly a lot of cars there for dinner time. We went inside and the one waitress that was working seated us. And then we sat there. For a good ten minutes. She didn't even bother to come take our drink order. Mind you I was trying to be as patient as a starving pregnant lady can be...which wasn't easy. As we were sitting there, the restaurants phone kept ringing. We heard someone yell from the kitchen why the waitress wasn't answering the phone and she yelled back that the wind was messing up the phone lines and if she answered then she would just get a busy signal.

At this point Greg and I were giving our waitress the death stare in hopes that she would remember we were sitting there and would come wait on us as well. This meant I didn't miss a beat when she told the table she was visiting with that the phone problems were probably affecting their credit card machine as well. Go figure. All Greg and I ever carry on us are our debit cards. We were screwed. Not only did our waitress seriously not know how to do her job, we couldn't pay for our meal even if she did. So we got up and walked out. Oh I was so close!

The following Saturday my friend Nelle was in town for the weekend. I called her to see if she wanted to go eat Chinese lunch buffet and she agreed! Yay! As we approached the restaurant I could literally taste the sesame chicken in my mouth! And there was no wind that day so I knew nothing could go wrong! We walked into the first door, only to be greeted with a sign on the second door that said the credit card machine was down. I was back to square one and all Nelle had on her was a credit card. She asked what I wanted to do and I immediately replied, "go to the ATM!" Nothing was going to stop me today! So we loaded back up and drove to my bank. The funny thing about this town is despite the fact that it's so small, my bank happens to have two branches. Luckily one of those branches was just a few blocks away from the Chinese joint. Unlucky for me was discovering they don't have a ATM machine. Are you serious??? What bank does not have an ATM machine? Off to another bank we went. By the time we got back to the restaurant fifteen minutes had passed and if I wasn't 9 months pregnant with huge swollen feet I probably would have literally leaped out of the vehicle and ran to the door.

As we walked in I noticed the sign on the door that said that the credit card machine was not working was removed. I pointed it out to Nelle and the hostess/waitress over heard me and said, "Oh yeah, I saw you guys leave and figured that was why. I forgot to take it down yesterday." I had a quick mental image of me screaming in rage and tackling her to the ground screaming, "why didn't you stop us???!!!" But instead I smiled and said, "No problem", and headed straight to the buffet where I loaded my plate up with a big scoop of sesame chicken.


mom to 3 boys + 1 princess! said...

Girl, you more than earned your sesame chicken after the hurdles in which you sailed over to get it.
As a side note, I don't know if you ever began working on the book that you once spoke of but I LOVE reading your posts. You are HILARIOUS and definitely have a way with words!

I cannot believe that you are only 2 weeks from D-Day!!! How exciting!!

Jennifer Ortega said...

Just an FYI, I always read your blog, I just don't always comment. I am glad you finally had your sesame chicken though. I don't know what I would have done if there wasn't Taco Bell open for me every day for some yummy nachos. I hope you are feeling okay. Call me if you get a chance.

Nora said...

LOL! So funny! I just watched Sweet Home Alabama the other day, in which in her hometown they don't have an ATM either, because they would loose the contact to the customer,. FUnny!!!

Brad said...

Don't you just love it when someone completely inconveniences you and acts as if they are completely oblivious to this fact? You just really want to tell them off, but are fully aware it would be a waste of breath.

Sheila said...

OMG! Poor you! next time just crave fruit in season! ; )
And the "No problem" that's all I hear here. Sick if it already.