Monday, February 22, 2010

Watch Me Grow Part II

At 26 weeks! Can you tell I'm a little tired?

My 27 week belly is getting a sweet kiss from my niece Zoe!

28 Weeks! The beginning of my third trimester!

29 Weeks with my fellow preggo friend Leslie! She is scheduled for a C-Section the day before my due date and is also having a boy! It's funny to see how different we are carrying our boys!

Do horizontal stripes make me look fat? Or just 30 weeks pregnant?


Nora said...

Wow! ;-) You look good though!
Thanks for your message, I'll reply later, I got some news. Signed the contract today. Yay! Big kiss!

mom to 3 boys + 1 princess! said...

you look great, and I'm not just saying that. You have the cutest maternity clothes too! I'm so excited for you to meet baby Parker!!

睡衣 said...
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Felicia said...

Thanks Kendra! I actually have a secret; I'll blog about it at some point!

PennyCandy said...

You look so good. He will be here before you know it.

HeidiTri's said...

Great shots! I love the 30 week one, with the hat!
You look like it's "all baby!"

Scrappinmum said...

Looking great Sis.
Heidi, she is all baby! and the just enough "foundation" to have some great mama's milk for Parker to be a rolly polly baby! Doesn't that make yu just want to pick up and baby and smother it's cheecks with kisses?!