Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Biker Tales

Last week the hubby and I ventured "home" to Oklahoma for a little over a week. For the hubs, it was a much needed break. If you're a faithful reader, then you know we've been enjoying life as bikers for a couple months now. Weeks after we bought our Harley, two of Greg's guy friends back in OK bought Harleys as well. He has been dying for a chance to go home and ride with the guys. So the Thursday before last, we did just that! Funny thing is, apparently we are not "real bikers". Why do I say this? Because instead of taking the bike on a long ride to our destination, we pull it behind the car on a bike trailer! I cannot tell you the flack we get when we happen to stop at a gas station or a fast food restaurant and a fellow biker sees it on the trailer! I think it's kind of funny!

We didn't get to Norman until 2:00 A.M. on Friday so we slept in. Later that afternoon while I met some great friends of mine at one of my favorite places, The Warren Theatre, to take in the newest Harry Potter movie, Greg went off to meet our friends Dave and Kevin for some riding in OKC. I joined them later and we had a blast cruising through Bricktown, Midwest City, and then back to Norman.

Saturday was another riding day for us! We met up with our friends Jason and Christy for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. From there it was off to the amazing Fort Thunder Harley Davidson Dealership in Moore. We cannot make a trip back home without stopping there; even before we owned a Harley! It seems that every time we go there, they are having an event so we hung out there for a few hours looking at the bikes, having some cold drinks, and visiting with friends. From there we cruised to visit two different sets of friends who both live in Moore. I think Greg was pretty proud to be able to show the bike off to them in person!

Sunday morning we hooked the bike up to the trailer again, this time because there was rain in the forecast (which I never saw!) and headed down to my father in laws house. We made a pit stop along the way to say "Hi" to my sister and her family. And, of course, we had to show them our bike! Even one of their neighbors came out of his house to check it out!

The cool thing about hubby's dad is that he has a Harley, too! That evening we took a bike ride into Texas (only about a thirty minute drive) to a restaurant/marina that none of us had ever been too before that overlooked Lake Texoma (post on that coming soon!). The weather was perfect and our day could not have been any better!

On Monday my husband found out he didn't have to be at work again until the following week so we were able to relax at his dad's house until Thursday. Wednesday night we took one last bike ride into Texas, this time our ultimate destination was a biker bar. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home. Opps! And that was just the beginning. We pulled up to the bar, only to discover that it was closed. From the outside it looked really neat. There were tons of outdoor picnic tables and a stage for bands, along with cool old cars and motorcycle sculptures decorating the outside. Undefeated, we went and ate at Cheddars instead!

On Thursday we loaded up to return back to Norman, but made a by-pass through Ada. Ada is my hometown and honestly whenever I visit that city now I get butterflies in my stomach and I'm always so excited to see what the town looks like. I went to college in Ada and the little town has exploded since I moved away. There are so many new franchise restaurants and new stores. Also, the university I attended is building a brand new performance arts theatre. It is still unfinished, but the outside is AMAZING!!! My minor was in theatre and I also danced in a few of the recitals while I attended college and I am so insanely jealous that the massive theatre that is being constructed was not there while I was attending school. After checking the town out, we met my parents at my favorite "local" bbq restaurant; and showed off our bike!

We finally got back to Norman that afternoon where we relaxed briefly before preparing for a night out on the bike! We stopped off at Fort Thunder so I could buy a pair of proper riding boots! We've had to buy "gear" slowly because we all know that if something says "Harley" it's not cheap! Luckily I get great deals on ebay, but I didn't want to buy shoes without trying them on first. From there we met our great friends Randy and Shannon for dinner. Their adorable baby Braxton was with them. He is one of the most even tempered babies I have ever met! Shannon was kind enough to take some pics of us before we headed off to Bike Nite!!! (Like the boots?)

This is the scene that we met when we arrived to Hooters Bike Nite:

Years ago when we had our Honda Shadow, we went to Hooters Bike Nite almost every week. It was nothing like this! Back then, there may have been fifty bikes that showed up. Now, Bike Nite is on a whole other level! Once it got dark, everyone cruised over to The Cross-Eyed Moose and Bike Nite continued there. I made plans for my friend Deidra to meet us there!
She is best friends with Robert, who is the owner of Fort Thunder, and after we told her we couldn't get over how big Bike Nite was now, she told us that Robert has really promoted Bike Nite and has helped it grow to what it has now become. We had a great time checking out the bikes and then listening to Greg sing karaoke.

We took a break from the bike on Friday and on Saturday drove back to Lamar, Colorado, which is where hubby is working once again. Stay tuned! I'm sure there will be more Biker Tales in the future!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's my Blogiversary!

I can't believe that I have been blogging for a year now! Wow, how the time flies! In honor of this great accomplishment I decided to have a giveaway!!! The winner will receive my "Funky Zebra" necklace.

There are several ways to enter, so feel free to take advantage of the situation! Here's how:

1. Post a link about this giveaway on your blog, then leave me a comment.
1 entry

2. Post a link of your favorite item from my etsy shop on your blog, then leave me a comment. 1 entry

3. Visit my shop, set up an etsy account, and add me as one of your favorite sellers, then leave me a comment. 1 entry

Giveaway ends at 6:00 A.M Monday, July 20, 2009! I'll draw the winner at random and will leave you a comment! Good luck and thanks for reading!

Monday, July 13, 2009

That can't be right...

I love having this indoor outdoor thermometer! However, I don't think the outside temp could possibly be right! And yes, you did read the inside one correctly. It is so hard to keep travel trailers cool.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Bucket List

I was cruising around on some blogs the other day and stumbled upon this blog. On the side was the owners Bucket List. I had to have one! So, if you look over to the right hand side, there you'll find my Bucket List! It's not very long right now, so I'm sure things may be added as I think about them.

What's on your Bucket List?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sights from Sidney

This town may be small, but it has some neat places that I thought I'd share with you! This first pic is from the downtown area. This is my favorite place! It's a coffee shop that's connected to a book store. Heaven!!! Personally, I like the coffee at the other coffee shop better (and by coffee, I mean latte), but the ambiance is so nice at this one that I go here instead. This is where I hung out a couple of times before I got our new wireless modem!

This is the Catholic church. I am such a sucker for a beautiful church and this does not disappoint!

This is a house I'm in love with. I'm so glad someone didn't come tearing out of it asking why I was taking pictures of their house! Trust me, it looks much better without the truck and fifth wheel sitting in front of it.

Have any of you heard of the store called Cabela's? Well, I had not until I moved here, but it's basically like a Bass Pro Shop. And the very first Cabela's is here in Sidney, along with their corporate office. I think that store is the reason why this little town is so well-kept. There are so many big, nice houses here, I told Greg that I was pretty sure there are some big money people here. He didn't believe me. I even wondered aloud if the CEO of the company lived here in little ole' Sidney. Since day one, this building has intrigued me:

Beautiful, isn't it? Today at Pilates class I finally remembered to ask my instructor if she knew what it was. I wasn't sure if it was someones home or a business, or what. She told me that the founders of Cabela's live there. She said that they travel to Africa a lot and that the home is actually five stories tall. Three of the stories are underground. Apparently they have a full size replica of a giraffe in there. So, I was right! There is big money in this town! I would kill for a chance to walk through it!

Now, technically this isn't Sidney, but it is pretty cool that we were able to take our bike past the state line! Like our new pipes?

This is the windfarm that is across the street from the farm that Greg works at. We're no longer in Nebraska, this is Peetz, Colorado. And this picture was taken as we drove up to Greeley, CO last weekend. A huge storm was coming and let me tell ya, I was scared to death! We were under a tornado watch and literally Greg and I made a game plan in case we had to pull over and run to a ditch for shelter. Not the way I like to spend my Friday evenings! And speaking of has stormed every evening since we arrived here three weeks ago. Apparently this part of the state has been in a drought for the past ten years and their prayers have finally been answered. Nice, but I don't like going to bed every night under a tornado watch when I live in a fifth wheel.

Once we arrived in Greeley, we stayed the night at one of Greg's co-workers house. He has alpaca's! They chased our dog around which was hilarious. Here's a picture of one of them!

I thought I'd share some pics of my new "home". Too bad I never took any pictures of Lamar, but it looks like I'll be able to because apparently we are moving back there next weekend! Hope everyone has a safe and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!